Reform Scotland


As the powers and resources of the Scottish Government have evolved and grown over the last 20 years, there has been a critical need for active, creative and collaborative think tanks. Reform Scotland has played a critical role in informing debates about policy, pushing decision-makers further and opening up new debates. At a time of particularly entrenched debate, on the constitution or otherwise, Reform Scotland has successfully managed to rise above it and focus decision-makers’ minds on matters that would make a difference to the daily lives of citizens.”

Kate Forbes MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance

The COVID crisis has shown the need to rethink how we do public policy and delivery in so many areas. To get things right, government needs ideas and arguments to be advanced, debated, critiqued and vigorously stress tested. As Scotland's foremost think tank, Reform Scotland has a huge role to play in what comes next.”

Ruth Davidson, former leader, Scottish Conservatives

Reform Scotland is that rare thing in Scottish politics - an original and authoritative voice respected on all sides. Its work is rigorous, fair and rooted in the evidence. Wherever you stand on the big political questions we can all agree that fresh thinking about how to make the lives of Scots better is in all our interests. That is what Reform Scotland and its excellent director Chris Deerin provide and why they should be supported.”

Michael Gove, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office

A healthy democracy thrives on ideas. Now, more than ever, it is vital that we back think tanks like Reform Scotland, who are making excellent contributions to our public discourse. Charting a way forward as Scotland faces up to the challenges of these uncertain times is incredibly important. It’s clear that as a result of this pandemic we will need to adapt to a new social, political and economic landscape, and look afresh at the delivery of public policies and services. Reform Scotland is already doing impressive work and deserves every support possible so that they may continue do so.”

Tony Blair, former Prime Minister

Scotland needs fresh ideas and stimulating debate. If the education of our children is to compete with the best in the world we need honest analysis and higher standards. If we are to create the jobs and businesses of the future we need the skills and culture to match that ambition and a society built on social justice. Reform Scotland consistently challenges those in power to raise their sights and address these issues, provoking debate with new thinking and radical solutions."

Lord McConnell, former First Minister

As one of Scotland's most prominent think tanks, Reform Scotland has consistently produced original and thought-provoking work, helping inform policymakers across the country. Now, more than ever, Scottish politics needs the independent thinking and ideas which Reform Scotland articulates so well. It's a unique organisation in the Scottish political landscape and deserves our full support so it can continue to thrive for years to come.”

Donald Cameron MSP, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport

As we seek to rebuild the economy and society our think tanks will play a valuable role. Reform Scotland is an important, influential and non-partisan source of policy thinking and debate.”

Jackie Baillie, Deputy Leader, Scottish Labour, and Finance Spokesperson

Especially just now, we need a non-partisan forum to think about how we emerge from this crisis. There’s never been more need to consider what we must do on the economy, health and education. Reform Scotland plays an important and much needed part in Scottish policy development.”

Alistair Darling, former Chancellor of the Exchequer

As Scotland emerges from the Coronavirus crisis it will need fresh thinking and challenging policy proposals. Reform Scotland, with its influential work on the economy, health and education, should play an important role in this process. It deserves our support."

Andrew Neil, broadcaster and journalist

What I particularly like about Reform Scotland is their willingness to prompt respectful debate, to challenge established thinking, and to take commentary and ideas from a wide range of interests. They make a significant and worthwhile contribution to Scotland’s thinking about itself and the wider world.”

Professor Paul Gray, former Chief Executive, NHS Scotland

Difficult times demand hard thinking. We do not yet know the full impact Covid-19 will have on Scottish society and public life; we do know that it affords an opportunity to rethink, and perhaps refashion, the infrastructure underpinning public policy. Politicians and their advisers cannot do this on their own; the role of think tanks - with which Scotland is not over-burdened - is more important than ever. They are laboratories for fresh thinking; finding, pushing and testing new approaches to familiar challenges and new difficulties alike. Reform Scotland is one of our most important contributors to this process; a key player in imagining and then building an improved Scotland.”

Alex Massie, Scotland Editor, The Spectator

Reform Scotland stands at the forefront of the Scottish thinktank scene. It provides thought-provoking research and world class events. Behind the scenes, it does admirable work in connecting up government, business, universities and other parts of Scottish public life. Reform Scotland provides a vital link between Holyrood and Westminster, which facilitates important dialogue. Reform Scotland has been revitalised over the last year and is an important contributor to the national conversation.”

Chris Carter, Professor of Strategy and Organisation, University of Edinburgh Business School

Reform Scotland is a hugely important source of insight, innovation and challenge at a time when our policymakers, economy and society have never needed it more. We need strong and thoughtful voices enhancing the content of our national discourse on what we do next. Reform Scotland is one such voice and merits support.”

Andrew Wilson, Founding Partner, Charlotte Street Partners and Chair, Growth Commission

Reform Scotland is an engine of ideas that helps stimulate and inform healthy debate across the country. As an independent and progressive source of ideas it has a vital role to play in helping to shape Scotland's future."

Magnus Lewellyn, Editor, The Times Scotland