Reform Scotland

What has gone wrong with Scottish education?

Reform Scotland was delighted to host a discussion about the challenges facing Scotland’s state schools, and what might be done to tackle them.

The recent results from the international Pisa study show the performance of Scotland’s pupils in the key areas of maths, science and reading continues to fall. Critics say the Curriculum for Excellence is a major part of the problem. The consequences of lockdown are still being felt, too.

An education system that was once regarded as one of the world’s best can no longer claim to be so. What has gone wrong? Why are politicians unable to reform and improve schooling? And what can be done to fix the misfiring Curriculum for Excellence?

These and other questions were considered by our panel, which included:

Keir Bloomer, chair of Reform Scotland’s Commission on School Reform
Bruce Robertson, Rector of Berwickshire High School
Carole Ford, member of the Commission on School Reform and former head teacher
Lindsay Paterson, Professor Emeritus of Education Policy, University of Edinburgh  

Catch up on the event here: