Reform Scotland

Peter Mandelson in conversation with Chris Deerin

A NEW LABOUR FOR OUR TIMES – A conversation with Lord Mandelson
Reform Scotland was delighted to host a conversation with Lord Mandelson about the future of the Labour Party.
Along with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson was a key architect of New Labour, transforming the party and helping Tony Blair to three consecutive election victories.  He is a former Secretary of State for trade, business and Northern Ireland and was a European Commissioner.
With the Conservatives in turmoil, Labour are leading in the polls and potentially on course to win the next general election.  Keir Starmer has shifted both his shadow cabinet and his policy platform towards a more centrist, substantial, business-friendly offering, aping the path taken by Blair and his team.
In 2022, amid Brexit and a global pandemic, what lessons should be drawn from the New Labour experience?  What does a modern, centrist agenda look like and how does it fit with traditional Labour values?  What challenges remain to be overcome?  And is the party any closer to making a comeback in Scotland?

 This event was hosted by Chris Deerin with an audience  over Zoom on Thursday 10 February. Watch the event below: