Reform Scotland

Al Murray in conversation with Chris Deerin

Reform Scotland was delighted to host a discussion with Al Murray about his new book, ‘Command: How the Allies Learned to Win the Second World War’.

As well as being one of the UK’s top comedians, Murray maintains a parallel career as a historian. With a lifelong interest in the Second World War, he has presented a number of history documentaries and currently hosts the popular podcast We Have Ways of Making You Talk, with fellow military author James Holland. 

In ‘Command’, Murray examines the performance, character, intelligence and judgement of some of the leaders of the British, Commonwealth and American armies between 1939 and 1945. He explores how the Western Allies rebounded from early, shocking defeats at Dunkirk and Pearl Harbor to ultimately triumph in the War. The book offers a fascinating insight into the requirements for effective leadership – and the dangers of its opposite.

Murray was in conversation with Chris Deerin, Director of Reform Scotland.

This event was held via Zoom on Tuesday 22 November. The recording can be watched below: