Reform Scotland

Melting pot 2017

Back in July 2015 Reform Scotland launched our Melting Pot blog as a forum for sharing policy ideas and encouraging blue sky thinking.

Since then we have been delighted at the range of interesting and thought-provoking pieces contributors have written.  We have now published over 60 posts all of which add to the public policy debate in Scotland.  In this report, our second annual collection of posts, issues from school governance to prison reform; and income tax to corporate governance are discussed.

The contributions to the Melting Pot, whilst representing the views of individuals and not Reform Scotland, have complemented the work that we have undertaken in many areas.

Our blog is entirely dependent on contributors and we are very grateful to the many individuals, from a wide range of backgrounds, who have contributed such interesting pieces.  I would like to thank them all for taking the time and trouble to write these blog posts and I look forward to reading further contributions in 2018.

Alan McFarlane
Reform Scotland
December 2017