Reform Scotland

Power of Scotland: Energy Policy in Scotland – Stuart Paton

This is the latest in a series of individual contributions to the publication, ‘Reforming Scotland’, which aims to set out a possible vision for Scotland’s future which can inform and influence the policy debate in the coming years. The contributions are by people from a range of different backgrounds and political perspectives who have looked at how policy could be reformed across a range of different areas and they represent the views of the authors and not those of Reform Scotland.

Stuart Paton examines the energy sector in Scotland, concluding that “Scotland has to develop its energy policy beyond a fixation on wind power and point scoring with Westminster. The challenge of climate change does require a decarbonisation of energy but support for nuclear power, unconventional gas, and increased emphasis on reducing energy usage, are all required to meet the challenges of the coming decades.”


Stuart Paton in an adviser to the oil and gas industry and former chief executive of Dana Petroleum.