Reform Scotland

Cut then scrap: The case against Air Passenger Duty

Reform Scotland has published a briefing paper in which it reinforces the Scottish Government’s plans to bring forward proposals to cut and then scrap Air Passenger Duty in its programme for government.

Air Passenger Duty is due to be devolved by the Scotland Act 2016 and Reform Scotland has today endorsed previous work carried out on behalf of Edinburgh Airport, which highlighted that the loss of revenue from halving and scrapping APD could be at least matched by increases in revenue from other sources such as job growth, productivity growth and tourism expenditure.

In addition, Reform Scotland’s briefing – Cut then scrap: The case against Air Passenger Duty – has highlighted the benefits to Scots, who would save significant sums of money on their own travel if the tax were scrapped.

It also highlights the fact that only four other EU countries now have a similar tax, with several others having scrapped it in recent years.

Use the link below to read the full briefing.