Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 9 July 2015


All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.  In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.



UK Budget: Coverage on the proposed Living Wage, tax relief and plans to tackle the deficit in the new Tory budget. Budget specials discuss how the new changes will affect us. (Herald page 18, The Scotsman page 17, The Scotsman page 8-9, The Daily Telegraph page 19, The Financial Times page1-14, The Sun page 4-7, Daily Record page 1-7, Daily Express page 1-7, The National page 1-8, Scottish reaction The National page 2, The Times page 1 and 6-9, Daily Mail page 1-15, The Guardian page 1 and 4-9, The P&J page 1 and 12-17, The Courier page 19-23)

Many public sector workers in Scotland will have their pay rises capped at 1% a year until the end of the decade. (Herald page 2)

Parties clash as SNP criticises the new Tory budget. (Herald page 2, The Scotsman page 27, Daily Record page 1-7)

Jenny Hjul discusses her opinion on tactical voting and the Tory budget. (Herald page 13, Seumas Milne in The Guardian page 33, The “Opinion of the North” The P&J page 27)

Greece: Greece has made a request for aid from Europe’s bail-out fund as it proposed economic reforms in time to secure the country’s future in the Euro. (Herald page 3, The Scotsman page 12, The Sun page 2, Simon Jenkins in The Guardian page 35, The P&J page 25, The Courier page 33)

Carmichael Hearing: A petition to overturn the election results of former Secretary of State for Scotland Alistair Carmichael will be heard in Edinburgh in September. (The National page 4, The P&J page 11, The Courier page 27)


Rail Strikes: Staff at ScotRail have been offered 2.5% pay increase and overtime deal, avoiding a second weekend of rail disruption. (Herald page 6, The Sun page 2, The Times page 2)


House Prices: According to a survey, house sales and prices across Scotland are expected to rise in the next three months amid a shortage of property. (Herald page 11, The Scotsman page 19, The Courier page 17)

Barclays Bank: Barclays has fired its chief executive Antony Jenkins, with John McFarlane taking over his role. There are fears that jobs and branches will be slashed more aggressively. (The Sun page 2, Daily Mail page 36, The Guardian page 25-26)


Police Investigation: A major investigation is under way as the body of a man and an injured female passenger were discovered in a car which had been reported to the police as it came off the road three days earlier. (The herald page 5, The Scotsman page 13, The Daily Telegraph page 10, The Sun page 1, Daily Record page 9, Daily Mail page 21, The P&J page 11, The Courier page 1 and 14)


Scottish Writers Overseas: A major new report has claimed that a new literature body should be formed to promote Scottish writing and writers overseas. (Herald page 7, The Scotsman page 19)

Local Government

Housing and School: Plans have been put forward for hundreds of new homes and a primary school on the outskirts of Edinburgh, covering 170 acres. (Herald page 6)

Glasgow Council Tax: It has been revealed that Glasgow is owed more than £13million in council tax; despite the collection rate being at its highest ever level in 19 years. (Daily Express page 10)

Aberdeen Flooding: The Aberdeen city council is facing calls to take action to prevent a repeat of flash flooding. The P&J Page 4-5)