Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 8 July 2015


All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.  In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.


EVEL:  Conservative MPs have warned the government over its handling of the English votes for English laws (Evel) proposals, with speculation that the Prime Minister will be forced to make concessions in order to avoid defeat in the Commons vote next week. (The Scotsman, page 1, The Times, page 2, The National, page 2, Press and Journal, page 14)

Alistair Carmichael has stated in an emergency debate in the House of Commons that rushing proposals which amount to an English parliament through the Commons in a single day is the biggest threat to the Union. (The Courier, page 18)

Alex Salmond has accused the Conservative party of hypocrisy, claiming that the party lobbied him to vote on an issue now deemed ‘England only’. (The Herald, page 6, Press and Journal, page 14)

Ed Miliband has joined Alex Salmond in condemnation of Tory plans to introduce English votes for English laws, claiming it amounts to ‘constitutional vandalism’. (Daily Record, page 8, The Daily Telegraph, page 8)

 UK budget: The first Tory-only budget for 20 years will reportedly see a shift towards a ‘lower welfare, lower tax’ Britain, with a tax cut for middle-class workers. (The Times, page 1, Financial Times, page 1, Daily Express, page 2, The Sun, page 2, The Daily Telegraph, page 1, Scottish Daily Mail, page 1, The Guardian, page 1)

Nicola Sturgeon has warned that a further spending cut of £425m will affect Scotland’s poorest children. (The Scotsman, page 8, Daily Record, page 8. Press and Journal, page 12, The Courier, page 19)

Scottish Nationalists are preparing for a confrontation with George Osborne as he prepares to cut public funds heading north of the border. (The Times, page 6)

Stewart Hosie, deputy leader of the SNP, has accused George Osborne of acting like ‘Robin Hood in reverse’ over new plans in his budget. (The National, page 3)

Ian Bell discusses George Osborne and the ‘emergency budget’. (The Herald, page 13)

 Greece: There was anger at a summit of eurozone leaders in Brussels as the new Greek finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos arrived with no written proposals on how to save Greece from financial collapse. (The Scotsman, page 4, The Herald, page 7, The Times, page 1, Daily Express, page 2, Daily Telegraph, page 1, Scottish Daily Mail, page 2, The Guardian, page 4)

 SNP: Former Liberal Democrat MP Danny Alexander has said that although there are 56 SNP MPs in Parliament, they are an ‘impotent force’ for representing Scotland’s interests due to their absence from the Treasury. (The Scotsman, page 6, The Herald, page 6)

Labour leadership: Kezia Dugdale has stated that she would take Scottish Labour to the centre ground in a bid to increase party support. (Daily Record, page 9, Press and Journal, page 11)


Corporate welfare budget: Figures show that taxpayers are contributing £93 billion to businesses every year, a transfer of more than £3,500 per household in the UK. The total comes from the first comprehensive account of what Britons give away to companies in grants, subsidies and tax breaks, says the Guardian. (The Guardian, page 1 and page 12)

Energy : A review will be announced of green energy taxes and subsidies in a government effort to tackle high energy bills, after the competition watchdog found that power suppliers have been overcharging households by around £1.2 billion per year. (The Scotsman, page 15, The Herald, page 5, Financial Times, page 2, The Courier, page 25)

Scottish families are in line to receive a £64 cut in their power bills after regulators recommended an overhaul of the pricing system which penalises consumers north of the border. (Press and Journal, page 6)

North Sea: Deputy First Minister John Swinney has urged Chancellor George Osborne to safeguard Scotland’s oil industry in the Budget after a major player revealed plans to slash staff numbers. (The National, page 11, Scottish Daily Mail, page 34)


Patients moved out of flagship hospital: Patients have been moved from the bone marrow transplant unit at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital due to concerns over the quality of air, another blow to the £842 million facility. (The Scotsman, page 13, The Herald, page 1)

Scottish NHS system: Jenny Hjul discusses the SNP’s promises to safeguard the NHS in Scotland and the current issues within the system. (The Courier, page 22)

A&E improvement: Scotland’s accident and emergency departments have produced their best waiting times figures since weekly monitoring began. (Daily Express, page 2, Press and Journal, page 7)

Teenage pregnancy rates: Whilst teenage pregnancy rates have fallen by more than a third in Scotland in recent years, figures have shown that girls from poorer areas are around five times more likely to become young mothers. (The Scotsman, page 7, The Herald, page 5, Scottish Daily Mail, page 26) Fife has the highest number of teenage pregnancies in Scotland, according to the Courier. (page 20)


Support for children in care: Alasdair Allan, the Minister for Learning, has called for councils to do more to support children in care while they are at school. (The Herald, page 7)

Local Government

Dundee development: Dundee Science Centre has now secured more than £1.1 million of the £1.7 million needed to fund expansion plans which will help develop the medical and scientific advances being made locally. (The Courier, page 4)