Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 17 July 2015

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.  In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.


SNP UK outreach: The SNP is to break its traditional abstention on non-Scottish issues by ‘reaching out’ to voters south of the border, Westminster leader Andrew Robertson has announced. The party will also attempt to foster benign attitudes amongst businesses and organisations in Scotland, in case of a future referendum. (Herald page 1, Scotsman page 1, Telegraph page 1, National page 2, Express page 2, Courier page 17.)

Lib Dem leadership:  Tim Farron has been confirmed as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, and announced in a victory rally that ‘the comeback starts now’. However, previous leader Sir Menzies Campbell warned that recovering from May’s general election wipe out could take a decade for the party. (Herald page 1, Record page 2, Sun page 2, Scotsman page 7, Guardian page 8, Daily Mail page 12, Courier page 21.)

 MP pay rise: The government is facing a significant backlash after IPSA confirmed a 10 per cent rise in MPs’ salaries, although the rest of the public sector will remain capped at 1 per cent for the next four years. Many MPs oppose the rise, and have been encouraged to donate it to charity. (National page 2, Sun page 2, Record page 4, Herald page 6, Scotsman page 6, Express page 9, Guardian page 11, P&J page 12, Courier page 16.)

 BBC Scotland: Calls for the BBC to be devolved in Scotland have increased as a poll found only 48 per cent of Scots think the corporation reflects their lives well in news and current affairs. (National page 2, Sun page 2.)

New Statesman Cover: Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson have joined criticism of the ‘crass’ cover for the latest edition of the New Statesman for a story on ‘Why are so many successful women childless?’, which depicts female politicians standing around an empty crib. (Record page 4, National page 6, Sun page 13, Times page 17.)

SNP popularity: A poll has found that the SNP retains the support of 97 per cent of those who voted for the party in the general election, whereas other parties are likely to lose further voters in coming Scottish elections. (National page 2, Record page 2, Sun page 2, Herald page 6.)

Kenny Farquharson in the Times argues that the SNP’s incompatible attitudes towards Labour were crucial in ensuring Conservative victory in May’s general election. (Times page 25.)


Interest rates: The Governor of the Bank of England has stated that interest rates are likely to rise at the turn of the year, drawing a close to the six year all time low instituted while Britain recovered from financial crisis. (Times page 1, Guardian page 1, Telegraph page 1, Financial Times page 1, Scotsman page 2, P&J page 12.)

North Sea cuts: Bristow Helicopters may cut 130 jobs as part of a restructuring caused by the ongoing North Sea energy production downturn. (P&J page 1, Express page 2, Record page 2, Scotsman page 10, Herald page 10, Courier page 30.)



GP crisis: 50 GP partners have raised ‘serious and detailed concerns’ with the government over the crisis in GP recruitment in Scotland, after a report found that one in four GPs is close to retirement age. (Scotsman page 1, Times page 1, Herald page 4, Telegraph page 4, Courier page 15.)

Obesity: A decade long study has found that the chances of obese individuals ever achieving a normal body weight are as low as one in 12 for men and one in 10 for women, due to overwhelming tendencies to regain weight. (Scotsman page 9.)


Engineering award: An Edinburgh based firm has won the prestigious annual MacRobert Award, for designing braking technology which cuts fuel consumption. Previous winners include the catalytic converter and the Harrier jump jet. (Herald page 8.)