Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 15 July 2015

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.  In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.



EVEL:  First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has referred to new UK Government proposals for English votes for English laws, as a step towards finding a “reasonable” approach for an agreement. (The Scotsman, page 5, The Herald, page 6, Press and Journal, page 12)


Foxhunting: The UK Government has dropped the vote on changing fox hunting legislation in England and Wales on the back of the SNP stating that it would vote against the changes, generating debate over English votes for English laws. (The Scotsman pages 1 and 5, The National, page 2 and 4, Scottish Sun, page 4, The Times, page 14, The Daily Telegraph, page 4, Financial Times, page 6, Scottish Daily Express, page 2, Daily Record, page 8, The Herald, page 6, The Guardian, page 11, Scottish Daily Mail, page 4, Press and Journal, page 15, The Courier, page 16)


The Scottish Government may be considering tightening legislation on foxhunting after SNP MPs opposition to change in England and Wales. (The National, page 2)


Magnus Linklater considers the SNP’s decision to oppose the foxhunting bill and its potential ramifications for the party in Scotland. (The Times page 29)


Greece: After a meeting with European counterparts in Brussels, George Osborne has warned the eurozone that the UK will not pay towards a Greek bailout. (The Scotsman, page 8, Scottish Sun, page 4, Financial Times, page 8, Scottish Daily Express, page 4, The Herald, page 6, The Guardian, page 13, Scottish Daily Mail, page 12, Press and Journal, page 19)


BBC in Scotland: The BBC has been accused of an ‘English bias’ in its news coverage, with bosses urged to investigate how it covers “controversial political issues” affecting Scotland and ensure that BBC Scotland receives “greater authority and resources” from London. (The Scotsman page 1, The National page 10, The Times page 8, The Herald pages 1 and 10)


Trade Unions: Trade unions have reacted to proposed plans to crack down on strikes and picket lines unveiled by the UK Government. (The Herald page 3, The Guardian page 1, Scottish Daily Mail page 2, The Times page 2)


Gender pay gap: Various groups, including the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC), have voiced concerns over the Prime Minister’s plans to end the gender pay gap by forcing firms to reveal male and female wages. (The National page 12, Financial Times page 4, Scottish Daily Express page 12)


Fracking: The boss of Ineos has received private assurances from the SNP that the party is “not against” the controversial technique. (The Herald page 1)


Independence referendum: Most Scots would welcome a second independence referendum within the next ten years according to a new poll. (The National page 5)


Nicola Sturgeon has told The Times that the SNP has no plans to promise another independence referendum ahead of next year’s Holyrood elections. (Times page 1)


UK Labour party leadership: Andrew Whitaker and Allan Massie consider Labour party leadership. (The Scotsman pages 21 and 22 respectively)


SNP poll: According to a new Survation poll, the SNP is on course for another landslide victory in Scottish Parliament when voters go to the polls next May. (The Scotsman page 5, Scottish Sun  page 4, The Herald page 6)


Crash inquiry: Probes into the accident on the M9 have begun, investigating the responsibility of Police Scotland. (The Scotsman page 1, Scottish Sun  page 7, The Daily Telegraph page 8, The Times page 13, Scottish Daily Express page 2, Daily Record page 2)




House prices: Scottish house prices have risen by more than 10 per cent since last year despite a drop in the wake of a new tax regime, according to a report. (The Scotsman page 11, Scottish Daily Express pages 1 and 7, The Herald page 1)


Pensions: According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), pension savers withdrew more than £1.8 billion in the first two months after new retirement ‘freedoms’. (The Scotsman page 10)




Waiting times: Waiting times in Scotland’s Accident and Emergency departments remain short of a government target. (The Scotsman page 4, Scottish Sun page 4, Scottish Daily Express page 4, Press and Journal page 8)


Stroke patients: The Scottish Stroke Care Audit has found that a number of key targets were missed last year, prompting calls to improve care for stroke victims. (The Scotsman page 14, Daily Record page 2, The Herald page 7, Press and Journal page 11)


Free prescriptions: The Scottish Conservatives have called for a rethink on the issuing of free prescriptions. (The Courier page 14)