Reform Scotland Media Summary 14 May 2015


Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 14 May 2015
All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.
In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV news and Sky News.

More powers: The First Minister has called for greater powers, beyond the Smith Commission, to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament to give Holyrood more greater ability to create jobs and tackle poverty. She has warned Westminster that a second independence referendum could be brought forward if the new Conservative Government failed to meet the SNP’s post election demands. (Herald page 6, Scotsman page 1, Financial Times page 2, Daily Telegraph page 4, Times page 1, Daily Record page 9, Daily Express page 7, Sun page 2, Scottish Daily Mail page 1, Press and Journal page 13, the Courier page 15)

Magnus Linklater comments in the Times on the necessity for Nicola Sturgeon and David Cameron to find agreement.

Bill Leckie comments in the Sun on the “takeover” of Nicola Sturgeon in Westminster.

Prince Charles: Twenty seven secret letters between Prince Charles and members of the Government on a wide variety of topics, from Iraq to agriculture, were published yesterday, following a long-running legal battle. (Scotsman page 1, Herald page 5, Daily Telegraphpage 1, Times page 1, National page 3, Daily Record page 16, Daily Express page 5, Sun page 10, Scottish Daily Mail page 1, The Courier page 13, Guardian page 1)

Andrew Roberts comments in The Daily Telegraph on the respectability of Prince Charles in his letters to the Government.

Stephen Glover comments in the Scottish Daily Mail on how the Prince Charles’ letters made him like him more.

Labour leadership: Acting Labour leader Harriet Harman has backed former leader Jim Murphy to remain a Scottish leader. (Scotsman page 6)

Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee has agreed a four-month campaign to find a new UK leader and deputy leader under the new one-member-one-vote system adopted by the party last year. (Herald page 7, National page 9)

Iain Macwhirther comments in The Herald on the issues of Labour’s leadership.

David Aaronovitch comments in the Times on the changes the new Labour leader would have to face.

Paul Kavanagh comments in the National on the character of Jim Murphy and the quality of the Labour campaign.

Alex Salmond: The former First Minister has been appointed as the SNP’s foreign affairs spokesman at Westminster,  a move described by Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie as “the equivalent of putting Mr Bean in charge of the World Bank”. (The Financial Times page 1, Times page 11, The National page 9, Daily Express page 7, Sun page 2, Scottish Daily Mail page 11, Press and Journal page 12)

UK immigration quota: Alex Salmond has claimed that the UK should take its full share of refugees, saying the Conservative Government is “hopelessly misjudging the Mediterranean crisis and does not understand the basic human instinct” of the British people to help those in extreme need. (Herald page 1, Financial Times page 6, Times page 3)

Glasgow Council Chief: The leader of Glasgow City Council, Gordon Matheson, is being lined up as a candidate for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections according to the Herald. (Herald page 7)

Liberal Democrats leadership: The LibDem leadership race has begun as nominations opened for the job of rebuilding the party after the devastating losses inflicted after the election. (Herald page 7, Scotsman page 6, Daily Telegraph page 4)

Trade union Movement: Allister Heath in the Daily Telegraph comments on the unions doing their best to “hasten their own destruction”.

Human Rights Act:  SHami Chakrabarti, the director of Liberty,  has warned that the UK Government could face a “constitutional crisis” if it repeals the Human Rights Act. (The National page 2)

MPs’ wages rise: The Prime Minister urged the parliamentary expenses watchdogs to reconsider its proposal for a 10% pay rise for MPs, which would increase their wages from £67,060 to £74,000 per year. (Daily Express page 1, Courier page 15)

Scottish jobless rate: Unemployment in Scotland has continued to rise with 6% of the workforce being jobless, compared with 5.5% for the UK. (Times page 8, Scotsman page 11, Daily Express page 4, Sun page 2, Scottish Daily Mail page 19, Courier page 18)

Poverty: The Social Justice Minister Alex Neil insisted that David Cameron’s plans for £12 billion welfare cuts will be a “horror story” for Scotland and create the worst child poverty in history. (National page 4)

NHS in wintertime: Health Secretary Shona Robison announced a new action plan to address problems in A&E, after a challenging winter pushed hospitals to breaking point. Scottish hospitals have been given £9 million to improve emergency care. (The Scotsmanpage 10, Times page 11, Daily Record page 9, Press and Journal page 7)

A&E waiting times: The number of patients facing delays of more than 12 hours in Scotland’s accident and emergency departments has risen dramatically in the last five years, according to official figures from the A&E department. (Daily Telegraph page 10)

Education of deprived pupils: MSPs from the Scottish Parliament’s education committee have warned that it is not clear how the education of pupils from deprived backgrounds will be improved by proposed new legislation. (The Herald page 3)