Reform Scotland Media Summary 11 May 2015


Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 11 May 2015
All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.
In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV news and Sky News.

Post-election negotiations: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has revealed she will press as a “priority” for a transfer of economic and welfare responsibilities from Westminster to Holyrood beyond the measures of the cross-party Smith Commission. She is to seek a deal with the Prime Minister David Cameron, which would reduce the prospect of another referendum on the break-up of Britain being staged within five years. (The Sunday Times page 1, The Scotsman page 1, The Herald page 1,The National page 4, The Financial Times page 3,  The Times page 1, The Daily Telegraph page 1, The Daily Record page 7, The Sun page 8, The Courier page 13, The Daily Mail page 1, The Press and Journal page 13)

SNP: The SNP is hopeful of winning at least one seat on every Commons select committee and the chairmanship of two to give them more influence at Westminster. The party will also be entitled to £6 million over the next Parliament because it took so many seats in the election. The Scottish Nationalists are expected to receive between £1 and £1,2 million from the Treasury each year in what is known as “short money”. (The Times page 9, The Daily Telegraph page 9)
Gillian Bowditch comments in the Sunday Times about the future of the new SNP MPs at Westminster and their challenge to represent Scotland.
Gillian Bowditch, Jason Allardyce and Mark Macaskill comment in the Sunday Times about the real power the new SNP MPs will really have.
Lesley Riddoch comments in the Scotsman on the need for the SNP to face an effective opposition.
Carolyn Leckie comments in the National on the new trial the SNP MPs now have to face in Westminster.

Scottish Labour leadership: After the loss of his own seat on Thursday, Jim Murphy is waiting for the decision of Labour’s ruling Scottish executive committee on whether he should be allowed to remain as the Scottish party leader. (The Sunday Times page 4, The Scotsman page 6, The Herald page 4, The National page 2, The Times page 8, The Daily Telegraph page 7, The Daily Express page 5, The Sun page 8, The Courier page 16, The Daily Mail page 9, The Press and Journal page 14)
Paul Sinclair comments in the Sunday Times on how Jim Murphy undervalued his predecessors, the SNP and the Scottish voters.
Henry McLeish comments in The Sunday Times on the necessity for the Labour party to shift its policies and move on after the seismic results of the elections.

Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond: The First Minister has insisted she is able to control her newly-expanded party, and sought to close any perceived rift with Alex Salmond. (The Herald page 6, The Daily Express page 5)
David Torrance comments in the Scotsman about the paradoxical relationship between Nicola Sturgeon and the former First Minister Alex Salmond. He also comments on the new opportunities and risks of the 56 newly-elected SNP MPs at Westminster in the Herald.

Alex Salmond: Former First Minister Alex Salmond has officially called for the Scotland Office to be scrapped. (The Courier page 13, the Press and Journal page 12)
Alex Salmond comments on the SNP victory of last Thursday in the Courier.

Liberal Democrats: The Lib Dems will have a new leader before Parliament breaks up for summer according to the party; the race is expected to be dominated by Tim Farron and Norman Lamb. (The Herald page 5, The Courier page 17)

Michael Gove: As the most senior Scot in the Conservative party, Michael Gove has made a return to the government after he was handed the post of Justice Secretary by David Cameron. (The Scotsman page 8, The Herald page 5, The Daily Mail page 7)

VE Day: About 1,000 veterans and their families were joined yesterday by the Queen and other members of the Royal family, as well as Nicola Sturgeon, to mark the 70thanniversary of VE Day. (The Financial Times page 1, The Herald page 4, The Scotsman page 10, The Times page 16, The Daily Telegraph page 5, The Daily Express page 7, The Courier page 22, The Guardian page 5, The Press and Journal page 16)

Defeated MPs: Scotland’s 43 defeated MPs will reportedly be handed up to £3.9 million in “golden goodbyes” and expenses. (The Daily Record page 4)

Scottish voters: Chris Deerin comments on the Scottish voters’ paradox in the Daily Mail.

LGBTI protection: Scotland has been rated the most progressive and equal country in Europe for protecting the rights of members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community according to an annual review by ILGA-Europe’s Rainbow Europe Index 2015. (The Herald page 9, The National page 7, The Press and Journal page 19)