Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 5 May 2015


All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.  In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV news and Sky News



Princess Charlotte: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. (Scotsman page 1, Record page 1, Times page 1, Sun page 1, Express page 1, Herald page 3, Telegraph page 1, Mail page 1, Courier page 1, P&J page 17, Guardian page 4)

Legitimate government: Nicola Sturgeon has warned that a Tory-led coalition which was built around seats in England would not be legitimate because it would be taking office “without UK support”. (Scotsman page 1, Record page 12, Times page 10, National page 4, Telegraph page 1, P&J page 14, Guardian page 6)

Glasgow protest: Eddie Izzard has described protests he and Jim Murphy faced in Glasgow yesterday as uncivilized and commented “let everyone have their say.  It’s called democracy”. (Scotsman page 5, Record page 11, Times page 1, Sun page 1, National page 2, Express page 2, Herald page 7, Telegraph page 1, Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph, Mail page 12, Courier page 15, P&J page 1)

Majority: Lib Dem peer Lord Scriven has accused David Cameron of “lying” over claims that the Tories were close to winning a majority. (Scotsman page 6, Record page 8, Herald page 6, Telegraph page 7, Courier page 16)

 Twitter: JK Rowling and Mark Millar have spoken out about the abuse they have received online for supporting Labour. (Record page 1, Times page 9, Sun page 2, Courier page 16)

Jim Murphy: Jim Murphy is interviewed in the Record. (Record page 10)

David Cameron: David Cameron is interviewed in the Mail. (Mail page 10)

 Ukip: David Coburn launched Ukip’s Scottish manifesto yesterday. (National page 5, Express page 3, Herald page 8, P&J page 15)

Iain Duncan Smith has warned that a vote for Ukip is a “suicide note for Britain”. (Telegraph page 1)

Scottish Labour: Michael Gray in the National comments on Scottish Labour.

 Labour/ SNP deal: David Cameron is expected to warn voters in England today that an SNP/ Labour alliance would mean “backroom deals, bribes, ransom notes, chaos”. (Herald page 1)

East Renfrewshire: The SNP candidate in East Renfrewshire, Kirsten Oswald, has reportedly asked Tory voters to help her to defeat Jim Murphy. (Herald page 7)

Nick Clegg: Polling in Nick Clegg’s Sheffield Hallam seat has suggested that Tories are going to vote tactically, which could see the Lib Dem leader returned to Westminster. (Guardian page 1)


SNP policy: Peter Jones in the Scotsman argues that the SNP’s economic policy is full of holes.


Student funding: Lucy Hunter Blackburn, a higher education analyst, has accused the SNP of presiding over a student funding system which would have a “long-term regressive financial impact” on poorer students. (Times page 2)


Young offenders: The number of young offenders in prison has more than halved in the past eight years. (Herald page 5)