Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 28 May 2015



All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV news and Sky News.


Queen’s speech: The Conservatives plan to introduce legislation to reform the way union activists pay a “political levy” to Labour.  This will reportedly threaten to cost Labour millions of pounds. (Daily Telegraph page 1, Herald page 7, Financial Times page 3, Daily Mail page 8)

In a debate on the Queen’s Speech yesterday, the Prime Minister said it was time for the Nationalists to “stop talking and start acting” if they were unhappy with decisions made in Westminster. He added that the Nationalists could now use the extensive new powers being devolved to Scotland. (Daily Telegraph page 1, Herald page 1, Times page 10, National page 2, Sun page 10, Scotsman page 1, Daily Record page 7, Daily Express page 5, Courier page 14, Press and Journal page 12, Daily Mail page 1)

Michael Deacon comments in the Daily Telegraph on the lack of tradition for the Queen’s speech in 2015.

Alan Cochrane comments in the Daily Telegraph on the “good behaviour” of the Nationalists during the Queen’s speech.

James Kirkup comments in the Daily Telegraph on how “Cameron will find his opposition far from the House of Commons”.

Iain Macwhirther comments in the Herald on how the Queen’s Speech “throws out a tax challenge to the SNP”.

SNP MPs: SNP MPs gave repeated bursts of applause in the Commons chamber, in a reported deliberate breach of convention. (Times page 12, Herald page 7, Daily Mail page 6)

Tom Peterkin comments in the Scotsman on the Scottish MPs intention to break the tradition.

EU referendum: The preferred question which enables an in/out EU referendum has been unveiled as: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?”(Herald page 6)

Lesley Riddoch comments in the National on the similarities and difference between the independence referendum and the EU referendum.

Euroscepticism: Magnus Linklater comments in the Times on the wide spread of eurosceptical citizens in Scotland.

Human Rights Act: Scottish ministers have indicated that the pledge of new powers for Holyrood will bolster their plan against Conservatives plans to repeal the Human Rights Act. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon indicated that she will not sign a “legislative consent motion” in favour. (Herald page 7, Financial Times page 2, Times page 12)

Leo McKinstry comments in the Daily Express on how Britain does not need to be guided on human rights.

Nicola Sturgeon: The First Minister is in the “process” of becoming an accredited living wage employer, after it emerged that she had not personally signed up to a flagship scheme she had promoted relentlessly since taking her functions. (Herald page 12)

2016 Election: The Scottish Conservatives are to fight to topple Labour as the main opposition party at Holyrood next year, with a populist election pledge to cut taxes using new devolved powers. (National page 4)


Childcare: A survey of nurseries has unveiled that a “hidden” tranche of youngsters across Scotland does not receive a free place, parents will tell the First Minister today. (Scotsman page 8)



Assisted Suicide: The Scottish Parliament rejected a bill to allow assisted suicide, voting by 36 to 82 against. (Daily Telegraph page 8, Herald page 1, Financial Times page 4, Times page 1, National page 4, Sun page 2, Scotsman page 1, Daily Record page 2, Daily Express page 2, Courier page 13, Press and Journal page 14, Daily Mail page 2)

David Aaronovitch criticizes in the Times the decision of the Scottish MSPs on rejecting the Assisted Suicide Bill.

Bill Leckie comments in the Sun on how to die with dignity is a basic right.


Voting in jail: Former SNP justice minister Kenny MacAskill said that the SNP was right to condemn David Cameron’s attempt to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of rights, but that it must also back prisoners voting or risk being labelled hypocritical. (Daily Telegraph page 8, National page 10)

VAT payments: Scotland’s police chief Sir Stephen House has urged the SNP to use its General Election landside to bring an end to VAT payments crippling its forces. (Herald page 5, Courier page 19)

Local Government

Alistair Carmichael: A petition has been made to overturn the election result in Alistair Carmichael’s Orkney and Shetland constituency. (National page 3, Paul Kavanagh in the National Scotsman page 8, Daily Record page 2, Press and Journal page 11)