Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 19 May 2015
All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.
In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV news and Sky News.


Scottish Labour Leadership: Ken Macintosh is reportedly considering entering the Scottish Labour leadership contest. (The National page 2, The Sun page 8, The Times page 13, The Scotsman page 1, Daily Record page 10, Daily Express page 7, The Herald page 6, Daily Telegraph page 7, Daily Mail page 13)

Trade unions and the SNP: The SNP Trade Union Group is reportedly seeking talks with leading trade unions in Scotland in the hope of securing their backing. (The Scotsman page 4, Daily Telegraph page 7)

Constitutional Instability: The Royal Society of Edinburgh has warned that new sweeping powers being rushed to Holyrood could cause constitutional instability. (The Scotsman page 6, Daily Mail page 13).

Human Rights Act: Graham Grant in the Daily Mail comments that the SNP’s opposition to scrapping the Human Rights Act will backfire on them once the flaws of the Act become clear.

EU Referendum: EU Think Tank Open Europe has claimed that David Cameron will put any chance of real reform of the EU at risk due to his in-out referendum. (The Times page 12, FT page 3, Daily Mail page 2).

No reduction of MPs: David Cameron is reportedly planning on dropping his proposal to cut the number of MPs to 600. (FT page 3).

Scottish Labour: Iain MacWhirter in the Herald comments on the issues facing Scottish Labour in regards to trade union endorsements and having more autonomy, or even independence, from English Labour.

EU Referendum date: The EU Referendum could reportedly take place next year. (The Herald page 1, Daily Mail page 2).

House of Commons: The House of Commons reportedly experienced some disorder yesterday when SNP MPs sat in opposition seats that traditionally sat in by the Official Opposition. (The Times page 12, The Sun page 8, Daily Record page 8, Daily Expresspage 7, The Herald page 7, Daily Telegraph page 8, Daily Mail page 13, P&J page 13).

‘Bedroom tax’: The Child Poverty Action Group has warned that funds set aside by the Scottish Government to counteract the ‘Bedroom Tax’ may run out. (Daily Record page 8).

Smith Commission: SNP Deputy First Minister John Swinney has warned David Cameron that he must live up to the “spirit and letter of the Smith Commission” as David Cameron prepares to include a devolution bill in the upcoming Queen’s Speech. (The National page 3, The Sun page 8, Daily Record page 9).

Speaker Re-elected: John Bercow has been re-elected as the Speaker of the House of Commons stating that “He was the backbenchers’ champion”. His re-election was unopposed. (The National page 5, The Herald page 6, FT page 2, C&A page 13).

Labour and the Unions: Peter Jones in the Scotsman comments that Labour must reconnect with its grassroots and re-engage them with UK politics if it wishes to survive.

Fox Hunting: Despite the SNP policy on not voting on English only matters, pressure has been mounting on the SNP to vote against any Tory plan to re-introduce fox hunting in England. (The National page 8).

Voting Reform: A cross-party group representing the SNP, UKIP, Plaid, the Greens and the Lib Dems have handed in a petition from the Electoral Reform Society to 10 Downing Street advocating changing the electoral system. (The National page 13).

Land Reform: SNP Ministers have reportedly admitted that they are unsure if their land reform plans will damage food production.  (Daily Telegraph page 10).

Medicine: The Scottish Government is to spend £80m on new drugs to help patients approaching the end of their life. (The Times page 2).

Trident Whistleblower: William McNeilly is preparing to hand himself into the authorities after releasing an 18-page document on safety issues and security flaws on Trident submarines. (The National page 3, The Sun page 1, The Times page 4, The Scotsmanpage 14, Daily Record page 4, Daily Express page 5, The Herald page 2, Daily Mail page 10, P&J page 14)

Fatal Accident Inquiries: James Wolffe, the Dean of the Faculty of Advocates, has called on a Fatal Accident Inquiry to be mandatory if a child dies in residential care. (The National page 10)

Apprenticeship Funding: Nicola Sturgeon has announced a £3.8 million investment into modern apprenticeships in a bid to create an extra 500 apprenticeships over the next year. (The National page 4, The Scotsman page 6, Daily Express page 2, C&A page 13)