Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 7 April 2015


All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.  In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV news and Sky News.



Election and taxes: David Cameron has commented that 94% of households in the UK are better off as a result of his policies, though Labour has claimed millions are paying more. (Scotsman page 1, Sun page 8, National page 4, FT page 2, Mail page 8)


Cameron set for trip to Scotland: David Cameron is set to visit Scotland today and will focus on the economy. (The Herald page 1, The P&J page 14)


Pensions: As of yesterday people aged 55 and over have the power to decide what to do with retirement savings that they have built up. (Scotsman page 4, The Herald page 5, The P&J page 21, Sun page 6, National page 6, Ross Clark in the Express, Guardian page 4, Courier page 15)


Danny Alexander: The Conservatives are accusing Danny Alexander of lying about an alleged conversation he had with a senior Conservative who said to Alexander “You take care of the workers and we’ll take care of the bosses” (The Times page 6, The Herald page 6)


“Dirty tricks”: Nicola Sturgeon has commented that Alistair Carmichael should “question his whole approach to politics” if he thinks dirty tricks are part of an election campaign. (Scotsman page 6, Daily Record page 10, The Herald page 7, The P&J page 12, Sun page 8, National page 1, Express page 4, Telegraph page 5, Courier page 17)


SNP Pension promise: The SNP has announced that they will reject any increase to the state pension age. (Daily Record page 10, The Times page 1-2, The P&J page 12)


Major SNP defection: Muhammad Shoaid, a major activist in YES Scotland, has defected to the Labour Party following the alleged comments made by Nicola Sturgeon that she would rather David Cameron as PM rather than Ed Miliband. (Daily Record page 8-9)


The Conservatives and the SNP: Rachel Sylvester comments in The Times that the Conservatives should not “cosy up” with the SNP. She makes these comments with regards to the Conservatives using the SNP to undermine Labour in England. (page 23)


Alex Salmond: The Scottish watchdog for standards in public life has cleared Alex Salmond of any wrong doings earnings Alex Salmond has generated since leaving the officer of First Minister (Daily Record page 2)


Jim Murphy: Jim Murphy has challenged the SNP to explain why it was not backing a Labour vote south of the Border if it wanted to see the Tories removed from office. (Scotsman page 7, Daily Record page 8-9, Express page 5)


No Labour without Scotland: Jim Murphy has admitted that there can be no Labour government in Westminster if Labour does not win Scotland. He is appealing to Scottish voters to vote Labour to ensure Ed Miliband will become PM. (The Herald page 7, The P&J page 13)


Alleged comments: Peter Jones in the Scotsman comments on the possible motive behind the leaking of Nicola Sturgeon’s alleged comments about who she wants to form the next UK Government.


Willie Rennie: Willie Rennie has reportedly backed an anti-SNP tactical voting strategy in an effort to prevent an SNP whitewash at the General Election. (The Times page 1)


Liberal Democrats still hopeful: Magnus Linklater and Lindsay McIntosh in The Times comment on how Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie is still hopeful that the Liberal Democrats will still be a force in Scotland after the General Election. (The Times page 7)


BBC football payments: The First Minister has accused the BBC of short-changing Scottish football by paying just £1million a season to cover games. (Sun page 1)


Ukip: David Cameron has urged Conservative voters who have defected to Ukip to “come home”. (Telegraph page 1, Mail page 2, Guardian page 7)


Tony Blair: Tony Blair has commented that the Tories promise of an in/out EU referendum will lead to a period of instability not seen since the Second World War. (Guardian page 1, The Times page 6)



Renting: The Generation Rent report from Halifax has suggested that the proportion of people aged between 30 and 45 who are saving for a deposit to buy their own home has fallen by 6 percent compared with last year. (Scotsman page 14, The Times page 4, The Herald page 8, The P&J page 21, FT page 3)



Court delays: Almost 4,000 charges were reported to the Crown Office and Procurator-Fiscal Service outwith the legal time frame. (Scotsman page 17, Daily Record page 2, The Herald page 2, National page 11, Express page 11)


“Alcohol Asbo’: Disorderly drunks will face ‘Alcohol Asbos’ which would ban them from pubs and nightclubs under new Liquor Laws that has been proposed via a Members Bill. The official name of the ban would be called “drinking banning orders” (DBO). (The Herald page 4)


Police Chief thanks SNP: Police Chief Stephen House has thanked the SNP for being “extremely supportive of policing” in Scotland while the police have been cutting funding in England and Wales. (The Herald page 10)


‘Postcode lottery for jail population: Those living in the North-East of Scotland are reportedly 10 times more likely to end up in jail than other Scots. The P&J also reports that this ‘postcode lottery’ is hitting youths the hardest. (The P&J page 5)



Bonuses: Almost £40 million a year is reportedly being paid out in bonus payments to leading doctors in addition to their salaries. (Scotsman page 1)


NHS private sector spending: The SNP has been accused of hypocrisy after it was reported that the Scottish Government spent £79.1m in 2013/14 buying in private treatment on the NHS. (Mail page 2)



Anti-Terror Laws: Teachers have criticised new anti-terror laws. They argue that children will become fearful of debating Islam over fears of being reported to the police. (The Times 16)


College resignations: Former First Minister Henry McLeish is under fire over his organisation and running of Glasgow Colleges Regional Board following two high-profile resignations: Prof. Pamela Gillies and Maureen McKenna. (The Herald page 1)