All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.
In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News

Scottish Tories: Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph comments on Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson’s ambivalent attitude toward the Nationalists’ surge in the polls (page 7)

Labour & business: John Gapper in the Financial Times comments on Labour’s strains as it tries to persuade sceptical business leaders that it is not interventionist, whilst appealing to an electorate that is growing suspicious of big corporations.

Election campaign : The Prime Minister yesterday, claimed Britain faced ‘a stark choice’ between a growing economy, creating jobs and improvements in the NHS with the Tories or the ‘economic chaos’ of Labour (Herald page 1, Guardian page 1). However, the Prime Minister’s comments have come under fire from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) regarding his party’s claims that a Labour victory would result in tax rises of more than £3,000 for every working family (Scotsman page 1). Elsewhere, Ed Miliband was also criticised last night by the UK Chief Executive of Siemens for the use of his quote in advert for the Labour party (Scotsman page 1, Daily Telegraph page 1)

SNP: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said the SNP can ‘lock David Cameron out of Downing Street’ as she launched the party’s election campaign in target seat Glasgow East yesterday (Scotsman page 6). The First Minister also said that the SNP could be the party that leads progressive policies across the UK. (National page 3)

Paddy Ashdown on the SNP: The Liberal Democrat peer has insisted that the SNP only have one aim, ‘to burn Westminster to the ground’, expressing concerns about a potential SNP- Labour alliance (Herald page 9, Times page 8, The Sun page 2)

Conservative minority government: Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has said the Tories should take a leaf out of the SNP’s book and consider forming a minority government like the Nationalists, with polls suggesting neither party will achieve an overall majority (Scotsman page 6, Herald page 8, National page 4, Times page 8, Daily Record page 10, Daily Telegraph page 1).

Higher wages proposals: The Labour leader Ed Miliband has dismissed the SNP’s demand to have a higher minimum wage as part of a deal with Labour as ‘Westminster games’, saying he will not negotiate on any issue.( Scotsman page 4)

Labour mutiny: Ed Miliband’s promise to business leaders to cut public spending and reduce the deficit has been met with warnings that a hardcore group of 30-40 MPs are prepared to oppose any attempts to make cuts, in light of his attempt to woo business leaders yesterday (Times page 1, Daily Mail page 5).

Scottish Greens: The Scottish Greens have pledged to end poverty in their manifesto outlined today, as part of their three key themes that also includes keeping public services in public hands and giving more power to local communities (National page 4, Daily Record page 10, Press & Journal page 14)

Gordon Brown: Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has accused the SNP of being ‘willing accomplices of Tory austerity’, as he helped launch Labour’s election campaign in Scotland yesterday, pledging that Scottish Labour would spend an additional £800m in Scotland on the NHS (Scotsman page 7, Herald page 8, The National page 2, Times page 9, Daily Express page 4).

In an opinion piece in today’s Daily Record, Gordon Brown argues that the focus of the election shouldn’t be about backroom deals when the priority of the Labour party is ending austerity (page 8&9)

Welfare and benefits: Social Justice Secretary Alex Neil has put a paper before the Scottish Government calling for the government be given the powers to make changes to the Tory government’s flagship Universal Credit system and housing benefit by October (National page 12)

EU Referendum: Nick Clegg has refused to rule out backing a 2017 referendum on membership of the European Union (Financial Times page 1)

Food Banks: Scottish Labour has unveiled plans to end the need for food banks, as figures reveal that nearly 60 children a day are relying on food hand outs. Jim Murphy is expected to announce a pledge today to establish a £175m anti-poverty fund for Scotland (Courier page 15).

Alex Salmond: The former First Minister has given his colleague Angus Robertson his personal assurance that he will not seek to replace him as the leader of the Westminster group of MPs after the general election, after much speculation (Herald page 9)

Peter Jones in the Scotsman today comments that Scotland should shift its focus to storing and delivering energy, not generating it, if it is to rebalance the economy. (Scotsman page 27)

David Cameron: The Prime Minister has vowed to create 2m more jobs by the end of the decade if the Tories win the general election, promising the help businesses increase the employment rate to around 1,000 new jobs each day by cutting taxes and red tape (Daily Express page 1)

Mortgage approvals: Mortgage approvals to first time buyers rose to their highest level in six months according to most recent Bank of England figures, with people taking advantage of low interest rates and Government schemes (Daily Express page 2)

Community orders: New figures have revealed that nearly a third of all community payback offenders in Scotland fail to complete their full sentence, raising questions over the effectiveness of the SNP’s justice policy (Daily Mail page 2)

Assisted Suicide: Legal experts from across Scotland are calling for clear guidance on how anyone who helps a loved one to die will be treated by the law, describing the current confusion on the matter as ‘shameful’ (Herald page 1)