Reform Scotland Media Summary 5 February 2015

Reform Scotland

Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 5 February 2015
All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.

School budget: The Finance Secretary, John Swinney MSP, revealed the scheme for the budget 2015/16, announcing a £51 million funding package to help local authorities recruit new staff. Money will be given to councils if the latter prove they will maintain teacher numbers (The Sun page 2, John Swinney in The Sun page 2, The Daily Record page 6, John Swinney and Jackie Baillie in the Daily Record page 7, The Scotsman pages 1 and 4, Opinion in the Scotsman page 24, The Times page 16, The Daily Telegraph pages 1 and 2, The National page 15, The Courier page 15,  The Press and Journal page 12, Scottish Daily Mail pages 1 and 8)

Ashcroft Poll: Lord Ashcroft’s poll of 16 key Scottish constituencies has predicted massive SNP gains at the General Election. (The Sun pages 4,5, 6 and 7, The Herald page 1, Michael Settle in the Herald page 6, Ian Macwhirter in the Herald page 13, The Daily Record page 8, The Scotsman page 4, John Curtice in The Scotsman page 4, Bill Jamieson in the Scotsman page 23, The Financial Times page 2, The Times page 10, Tim Montgomerie in the Times page 31, The Daily Express page 2, Ben Borland in The Daily Express page 12, The National pages 2, 3 and 4,  Stewart Hosie SNP in the National page 3 and 24, The Courier page 14, The Press and Journal page 14, The Guardian page 7,Alberto Nardelli in The Guardian, Opinion in the Guardian page 31, Scottish Daily Mail pages 6 and 7)

The Labour leader Jim Murphy said that SNP triumph will only help David Cameroun
(The Daily Telegraph page 12, Alan Cochrane in The Daily Telegraph page 13, John MacLeod in the Scottish Daily Mail page 1),

Milk price: Holyrood’s Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee has launched an urgent inquiry after some farmers complained the price they are paid for milk is now less than their production costs (The Herald page 7, The Courier page 19, The Press and Journal page 17)

Film Studio: A plan to build a major studio in the Central Belt could be done in the next eight weeks according to Scottish Entertainment. The project would be financed by the Scottish Government as well as Creative Scotland (The Herald page 5, The Scotsman page 6, The National page 7, The Courier page 15)

Employment: Many Scots are facing difficult and complex work situation due to unfair employment practise, including racism and bullying, according to the Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) Service, which dealt with thousands instances (46,200) of unfair treatment at work last year (The Herald page 4, The Daily Record page 4, The National page 10)

Bank of Scotland: Royal Bank of Scotland is planning to shut at least 99 branches this year as customers increasingly shift their banking habits to the web (The Herald page 4)

Scots Capital: Edinburgh has emerged as Scotland’s high tech hotspot with the number of digital companies growing by a third in three years revealed a study today. (The Scotsman page 30)

Organ donation: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been urged to support the introduction of a Holyrood Bill that would change the rules on organ donation, which would mean people have to opt out instead of opting in to the organ donation register (The Herald page 1)

Children and alcohol: Campaigners are calling for stricter rules on alcohol marketing after research showed that 10 year-olds are more likely to recognize a beer brand than leading makers of confectionary (The Herald page 1, Scottish Daily Mail page 11)

Highlands Hospital: A new hospital is to be built to replace two old facilities which served local communities in the Highlands, a project that have been approved by the Health Secretary Shona Robinson MSP (The Herald page 10)

NHS workers: A Scottish Health Board has unveiled plans to allow convicts to shadow hospital workers in their day-to-day duties as part of a bid to halt re-offending (The Scotsman page 15)

Rape trials: The Scottish Government has confirmed it is to push ahead with plans to have juries in rape trials directed by judges (The National page 12)

Universities: A consumer watchdog is calling on regulators to examine evidence that students are being left open to unfair course changes, with universities giving themselves the freedom to change courses even when alterations could be prevented (The Herald page 8)