Reform Scotland Media Summary 4 February 2015

Reform Scotland
Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 4 February 2015
All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.

EVEL: William Hague has reportedly commented that the Labour Party’s lack of support for measures to give English MPs a decisive say over English legislation could lead to Scottish MPs holding England to ransom. (Scotsman page 1, The Herald page 1, The Herald page 6, Ian Bell comments in the Herald, Daily Record page 2, The Telegraphpage 4, The Times page 2, The National page 1, Financial Times page 3, Daily Mail page 1, The Guardian page 4, Gordon Brown comments in the Guardian, P&J page 12)

Devolved benefits: David Mundell MP has pledged to MSPs that he will make sure an agreement on benefits does not take years. (The Scotsman page 4, Daily Record page 2)

Inequality: John Swinney is expected to announce new measures aimed at tackling inequality and kick-starting Scotland’s economy. (The Scotsman page 10, P&J page 12)

General Election: Andrew Whitaker in the Scotsman argues that parallels with 1992 could see the Conservatives win the General Election. (Rafael Behr comments in the Guardian)

SNP Surge: Andrew Nicoll comments in The Sun on new polling that shows a likely surge in SNP support at the General Election. (page 8, Jim Murphy comments in the Sun, Alex Massie comments in the Times, Daily Express page 2, The National page 2, The Courierpage 17, Jenny Hjul comments in The Courier)

No Veto Powers: Alistair Carmichael has said that SNP claims that the Coalition will have veto on new powers devolved to Scotland are unfounded. (The Herald page 6)

Scottish Labour: Joan McAlpine comments in the Daily Record that the Labour party in Scotland is in a state of panic.

Benefits: Ian Duncan has hailed new figures that show the welfare state is growing at the slowest rate since 1948. (The Telegraph page 1, Daily Mail page 12, The Guardian page 11)

Ed Miliband: Lord Jones, a former Labour Trade Minister, has said that Ed Miliband is threatening British jobs by attacking the tax status of foreign businessmen. (The Telegraph page 4, The Times page 7, Financial Times page 1, Daily Mail page 7)

Blue Labour: Mary Riddell comments in the Telegraph on the growth of support for Blue Labour ideas as the election nears.

Minor parties: Daniel Finkelstein in The Times argues that only a true coalition can offer the country stability after the election. (page 25)

Nanny State: James Delingpole in the Daily Express comments that government is currently too large and people want less of it in their lives.

London: Jonathon Brocklebank comments in the Daily Mail on the attraction that London holds for Nicola Sturgeon and other Scottish politicians. (Page 14)

Fracking: YouGov has revealed that fracking is more unpopular in Scotland than in the rest of the UK. (The Times page 6)

Air Passenger Duty: Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh in the National calls for the demolition of Air Passenger Duty to aid the tourist industry in Scotland. (page 10)

A&E waiting times: Waiting times targets for A&E departments in Scotland have been missed amid a record number of patients. (The Scotsman page 7, The Herald page 5, The Sun page 2, Daily Record page 1, The Daily Telegraph page 1, The Times page 2, The National page 9, Daily Mail page 20, P&J page 17, The Courier page 16)

Assisted Suicide: Dr Peter Sanders, from Care Not Killing, has said that proposals to legalise assisted suicide could lead to doctors developing a ‘taste for killing’. (The Scotsman page 20, The Sun page 6, The Times page 18, Daily Express page 11, The National page 9, Daily Mail page 26, P&J page 15)

Cancer: Cancer Research UK has said that one in two people will develop cancer and that the UK faces a crisis if the NHS does not plan ahead. (The Herald page 5, Daily Record page 11, The Telegraph page 2, The Times page 1, Daily Express page 1, Daily Mail page 10, The Guardian page 8, The Courier page 13)

Three-parent babies: David Cameron has denied that scientists are playing God as the commons approved measures to allow three-parent babies. (The Telegraph page 8,Cristina Odone comments in the Telegraph, The Times page 15, The National page 8, Daily Mail page 8, The Guardian page 6, P&J page 16, The Courier page 19)

Early Release: Nicola Sturgeon has announced moves to see serious offenders monitored after their release from prison. (The Scotsman page 18, The Herald page 3, The Sun page 2, Daily Record page 6, The Telegraph page 10, The Times page 13, Daily Express page 4, The National page 12, Daily Mail page 2, P&J page 18, The Courier page 17)

Football Violence: Chris Marshall discusses violence related to Old Firm games in the Scotsman.

Prisoner Rehabilitation: Kenny Macaskill comments in The National that Scotland needs to overhaul its rehabilitation of law-breakers. (Page 13)

Advanced Highers: Teaching Unions have warned MSPs that teacher workloads associated with the upheaval of the national exam system could lead to schools dropping Advanced Highers. (The Scotsman page 14, The Herald page 10, Daily Record page 6, the National page 7)

Psychologist shortage: Stuart Jacob in the Herald comments on the lack of educational psychologists in Scotland. (page 15)