Reform Scotland Media Summary 18 February 2015

Reform Scotland
Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 18 February 2015
All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.

Vince Cable: A coalition involving the Lib Dems, Labour and the SNP has been described as possible by the Business Secretary Vince Cable. (The Scotsman page 8, The Heraldpage 1, Daily Record page 2, The Times page 1, Daily Mail page 1)

Trident: Andrew Whitaker argues in the Scotsman that it is unlikely that the SNP could force a Labour government into abandoning Trident.

Inequality: Jim Murphy has claimed that social inequality is having a damaging affect on the nation’s economy. (The Herald page 6, The Times page 8)

Welfare for the young: Charities and Unions have attacked Conservative plans to make teenagers carry out community work in order to receive any benefits. (The Herald page 8Daily Telegraph page 10, The Times page , The National page 81)

Alcohol at Football: The Scottish Conservatives have said that the majority of senior clubs want to end the ban on alcohol at football matches. (The Herald page 6, Daily Express page 2, Archie Macpherson comments in the Daily Record, Daily Telegraph page 6, The Sun page 2)

Young People: Ian Bell comments in the Herald that the Conservative approach to taking benefits away from the young has left it behind the times. (Stephen Pollard comments in the Daily Express, Mary Riddell comments in the Daily Telegraph)

Labour: Kiran Stacey comments in the Financial Times that Labour messaging has not changed greatly from the 1950s.

General Election: Ben Elton in the Daily Record comments on why he’s back supporting Labour. (Page 13)

Free Speech: Paul Gilbride praises Humza Yousaf in the Daily Express for showing solidarity with Denmark and defending the right to free speech. (page 4)

SNP: Lindsay McIntosh comments in the Times comments that SNP MPs after the election need to act like serious representatives and that failing to agree to support a minority government could backfire. (Page 2)

Karie Murphy: Karie Murphy, the Labour candidate caught up in the vote-rigging row in Falkirk, is considering standing as a candidate in Halifax. (The Times page 9)

Attitudes to Welfare: Magnus Linklater in the Times argues that, contrary to political discourse in Scotland, voters are not markedly different in their attitudes to welfare than those in the rest of the UK. (page 25)

Energy: Vince Cable has suggested that Scotland may have to import energy from England as a result of Scottish Government policy. (Daily Telegraph page 1, The Times page 8, The National page 1, Professor Colin McInnes comments in the National, The National page 3)

North Sea Oil: Unions are planning strikes over changes to employment conditions in the North Sea oil industry. (The National page 12)

Childhood Obesity: New figures have shown that a rise in childhood obesity means that one in six P1 pupils are now obese. (The Scotsman page 1, Daily Record page 22, The Sun page 2, Daily Mail page 1)

Waiting Times: Waiting times figures for Scotland’s A&E departments are to be released weekly. (The Scotsman page 5, Daily Express page 11, Daily Record page 8, The Times page 3)

Assisted Suicide: Patrick Harvie, Green party co-leader, has said that around eighty terminally ill Scots a year would use assisted suicide if legalised. (The Scotsman page 9, The Herald page 6, Daily Express page 4, Daily Record page 8, The Times page 17, The National page 6, The Sun page 2)

NHS privatisation: Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh comments in the National that Scotland should be proud of its NHS and on why it is right that the SNP vote on English health legislation at Westminster. (page 10)

Teacher Numbers: MSPs have attacked the Scottish government over its approach to working with councils to ensure teacher numbers. (The Scotsman page 8, The Heraldpage 2, Joan McAlpine comments in the Daily Record page 15)

Skills Training:  Hilary Robb comments in the Scotsman that businesses can play a key role in helping young people developing the skills needed to make them ready for work.

Child Care: Rising private nursery fees have been the result of Scottish government policy according to the National Day Nurseries Association. (The Herald page 7)

Female offenders: Stephen Naysmith asks in the Herald if half-way houses should be used more often for women offenders upon release.

Stop and Search: Kath Murray in the Herald calls for stop and search powers to be made more accountable.

Prison Staff: Staff in the Scottish Prison Service are to be offered a special one-off pay hike to aid in the transformation of the service. (The National page 4, The Sun page 8)

Average Speed Cameras: The use of average speed cameras could be expanded after the scheme on the A9 won widespread public support, according to Transport Minister Derek Mackay. (The Scotsman page 6)