Reform Scotland Media Summary 11 February 2015


Reform Scotland
Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 11 February 2015
All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.
In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.

Accident and Emergency crisis: Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy has called on ministers to apologise to patients who have been affected by the A&E crisis in Scotland. (The Herald page 2, The Scotsman page 4)
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has defended her actions and disputes assertions the service is facing crisis, after she intervened in the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley (The National page 8)

Labour and NHS: Labour party’s health spokeswoman Jenny Marra launched an attack yesterday on the Scottish Government’s management of the NHS amid concerns over unclean hospitals and failures to meet accidents and emergency working times (The Scotsman pages 1 and 4, The Courier page 18, The Press and Journal page 12)

Liberal Democrats: Liberal Democrats have offered to make peace with the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) after the rank-and-file body condemned “frightening political ignorance” over stop-and-search (The Herald page 4)

Labour and David Garrard: The tycoon David Garrard, who was embroiled in a “cash for honours” scandal under the last government, will reportedly make a big donation to the Scottish Labour Leader Jim Murphy, in order to give assistance to the party. (The Times page 1)

Bonuses: Millions of pounds in taxpayer’s cash are still being paid out in bonuses by public bodies like NHS and quangos across Scotland, despite an official government policy to end those. (The Scotsman page 1)

EU referendum: Prime Minister David Cameroun has indicated his will to bring forward an EU referendum (The Daily Express pages 1 and 4, Leo McKinstry in the Daily Express page 12)

General Elections: Lesley Riddoch comments in the National on the fact that the energy and enthusiasm seen during the referendum has not been seen yet for the elections in May. (page 10)

SNP councillors: Two SNP councillors, Alan Beveridge and John Taggart, have resigned as councillors in the key target area of North Lanarkshire, because of accusations of bullying and intimidation (The Daily Telegraph page 4)

Oil Crisis: Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald is pressing the Scottish Parliament for a debate to highlight the human impact of the oil crisis (The Press and Journal page 12)

Anti-austerity challenge: Speaking at University College London yesterday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has laid down a £180 billion anti-austerity challenge to the Labour UK party, as a condition for SNP to support a minority Labour Government in Commons votes. The First Minister attacked the Coalition’s public spending cuts and argued for a more measured approach to the reduction of Britain’s budget deficit. (The Herald page 1, Iain Macwhirter in the Herald page 13, The Scotsman page 6, , The Sun page 2, The Daily Express page 2, The Daily Record page 2, Torcuil Crichton in the Daily Record page 8, The Financial Times page 2, The Daily Telegraph page 1, Alan Cochrane in The Daily Telegraph page 5, Allister Health in the Daily Telegraph page 22, The Times page 7, Tim Montgomerie in the Times page 27, The Courier page 19,  The Press and Journal page 12,  The Guardian page 12,  The Scottish Daily Mail page1 )

Anti-cuts protest: A mass lobby by trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners will take place outside Edinburgh City Chambers today as the capital’s council meets to approve its budget (The National page 4)

NHS Scotland: A whistle-blower said that ministers are “in denial” over a culture of fear and secrecy in the NHS Scottish health service. (The Herald page 3, The Daily Telegraph page 8, The Guardian page 13, Scottish Daily Mail page 2, Victoria Allen comments in the Scottish Daily Mail page 16)

Welfare powers debate: Equality campaigners have raised “serious concerns” that the process for devolving more powers over welfare to Scotland would be rushed, as ministers from London and Edinburgh are meeting for the first time (The Herald page 6)

NHS Personal Details: The scale of SNP plans to open up the NHS data base, allowing thousands of sector public workers to view personal information about Scots, is going to be revealed today (The Scottish Daily Mail page 7)

Angela Constance: Education Secretary Angela Constance has been accused by the Scottish Secondary Teachers Association (SSTA) of a “lack of respect” towards the profession after she ignored and rejected calls for a delay to the national roll-out of a flagship exam (The Herald page 4)