Reform Scotland Media Summary 11 February 2015

Reform Scotland
Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 11 February 2015
All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.

End to Austerity: Nicola Sturgeon has said that the SNP will not sign up to austerity policies that will put families into debt in another policy marker ahead of any pact with Labour for after the general election. (The Herald page 1, The Sun page 2, The Guardianpage 3)

Labour’s Business Woes: David Cameron has told leaders of industry that Ed Miliband regards them as “the enemy” and would demonise them for creating wealth. (The Heraldpage 2, Financial Times page 1, Daily Express page 2, The Telegraph page 4, Daily Mailpage 8)

Land Reform: Proposals to give Ministers powers over land owners who block sustainable development on or near their land have been given backing by Community Land Scotland. (The Herald page 5)

Councillor Resignation: Alan Beveridge and John Taggart, SNP councillors in North Lanarkshire, have left the SNP amid concerns over the selection processes for candidates. (The Herald page 6, The Scotsman page 8, Daily Record page 2, Daily Mail page )1

HSBC Tax Scandal: Labour is to unveil plans for a “Tax Dodging Bill” after allegations were made that HSBC helped clients to hide their money from HMRC. (The Herald page 6, Ian Bell comments in the Herald, Financial Times page 2, The Times page 13, Daily Mail page 6, The Guardian page 1)

General Election: Margaret Curran has claimed that Scotland is facing its most crucial election since 1945. (The Scotsman page 8, Andrew Whitaker comments in the Scotsman, The Sun page 2, Daily Record page 2, The Times page 4, P&J page 12, The Courier page 15)

David Cameron: David Cameron has called on business leaders to give Britain’s workers a pay rise, leading to claims of hypocrisy from Trade Unions. (The National page 2, Stephen Boyd comments in the National)

Inequality: Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh in the National argues that Scots must continue the fight for equality for the LBGTI community (page 10)

EVEL: John Kay comments in the Financial Times that adjustments to Scottish income tax rate will require adjustments to the Barnett Formula.

Trident: Joan McAlpine writes in the Daily Record that continuing spend on Trident is nothing more than an ego boost for the British Establishment.

Universal Credit: Universal Credit is to be extended nationwide from the start of next week. (The Times page 2)

Politics and the Financial Sector: Owen Jones in the Guardian highlights the connection between the financial sector and the Conservatives asking if this wealth will be enough to buy the election.

Tristram Hunt: Rafael Behr comments in the Guardian that Westminster has become so afraid of making gaffes that it is stifling its ability to take on non-establishment parties.

Oil Price: Lord Foulkes has claimed that the drop in the oil price would have seen an independent Scotland left  “bankrupt”. (The Herald page 6, Daily Express page 2, The Sun page 2, P&J page 12)

Gender Equality: Lindsay Leask comments in the Herald calling for more female representation on the boards of renewable energy companies.

Grangemouth: Gary Haywood, Chief executive of Ineos Upstream has warned that Grangemouth will struggle to survive without fracking in Scotland (The Scotsman page 1, The National page 15, Financial Times page 4, Daily Express page 14, The Telegraphpage 1, The Times page 9, Daily Mail page 4, The Guardian page 22, The Courier page 15)

Living Wage: Roseanna Cunningham comments in the National that giving employees positive engagement and potential for development is the key to ensuring improving innovation and productivity. (page 2)

Capitalism: Will Hutton in the Guardian argues that private institutions do not provide enough public good to justify their autonomy and as such, British capitalism is in need of a revamp.

Rural Health: David Ross in the Herald discusses the challenge of caring for patients in the Highlands and Islands.

Nurse Numbers Boost: The Scottish government has announced that there will be an increase of 608 places for nursing students this year, taking the total to over 3,000. (The Scotsman page 17, The National page 15, Daily Record page 8, The Courier page 19)

Health Workers: The Royal College of Physicians has backed Scottish government plans to make it easier to bring criminal cases against health workers. (The National page 4)

NHS Secrecy: A Times investigation has revealed that patients have to wait longer in Scotland for updates on how the service is performing. (The Times page 1)

A&E Delays: Specialist health workers have been sent into the Royal Alexandra Hospital to solve issues leading to long waiting times in its casualty department. (The Times page 4)

Stop and Search: Sir Stephen House, Chief Constable, has called for a non-partisan debate on how to replace non-statutory stop and search. (The Herald page 1, The Scotsman page 6, Chris Marshall comments in the Scotsman, The National page 14, Daily Express page 2, The Telegraph page 4, The Times pages 5, Alex Massie comments in the Times, P&J page 12)

Education Reform: Jenny Hjul comments in The Courier applauding the SNP admission that educational standards in Scotland are not good enough.