Reform Scotland Media Summary 7 January 2015


Reform Scotland 

Daily Political Newspaper Summary:  7 January 2015
All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.

Labour spending commitment: Jim Murphy has reportedly been accused by senior Labour politicians, as well as Boris Johnson, of trying to “mug London” by saying that he would pay for 1,000 extra nurses in Scotland through Labour’s Mansion tax which would primarily affect London. (Scotsman page 6, Sun page 4, Express page 1, Herald page 6, Times page 1, Magnus Linklater in the Times, Ross Clark in the Times, Daily Record page 8, P&J page 13, National page 1, John Curtice in the National, Telegraph page 1, Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph, Mail page 4, Guardian page 7, Courier page 15)

Lib Dems: Energy Secretary Ed Davey has reportedly suggested that he would like to become Lib Dem Leader if Nick Clegg stood down. (Sun page 4)

Fake Twitter Followers: Analysis has reportedly revealed that up to a third of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon’s Twitter followers may be fake. (Herald page 3)

Councillors Suspended: Four SNP Councillors who set fire to a copy of the Smith Commission Report have been suspended from the party for two months. (Herald page 3, Daily Record page 14, P&J page 12, National page 5, Mail page 2, Courier page 13)

EU: David Cameron is holding talks with Angela Merkel talks to focus on immigration and the global economy (Herald page 6, Times page 1, Roger Boyes in the Times)

General Election: Joan McAlpine in the Daily Record argues that the SNP would never go into a coalition with the Tories but suggests that elements of the Labour party may consider it.

New Powers: Willie Rennie has said that the new tax powers for the Scottish government will be delivered in an orderly way. (P&J page 12)

Danny Alexander: Ladbrokes has revealed that the Chief Secretary to the Treasury’s seat is one of the top five for betting interest in the UK. (P&J page 13)

SNP campaign: Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh in the National outlines why she thinks the SNP will win the general election in Scotland.

Ed Miliband: Jim Pickard in the FT profiles Ed Miliband.

North Sea oil: The drop in oil prices to $51 a barrel was discussed at the UK Cabinet yesterday. (Scotsman page 1, George Kerevan in the Scotsman, Times page 15, Daily Record page 9, P&J page 11)

Energy bills: George Osborne is reportedly going to put pressure on businesses to ensure cuts in the price of oil lead to a cut in energy and plane prices. (Telegraph page 1, Guardian page 1)

Calls for lower air fares: Tavish Scott has followed George Osborne in calling for air fares to reflect the recent dramatic falls in the price of oil. (The Herald page 2, Times page 2)

Marine Energy: An economist has said that forecasts for Scotland’s marine energy industry are “wildly over-optimistic”. (Herald page 8)

City Link: Scottish Labour has called for the Commons Scottish Affairs Committee to look into the collapse of the delivery firm City Link. (Herald page 6, Daily Record page 2)

Mesh surgery: Mesh implant surgery that has left some women suffering from painful complications is reportedly still being performed despite calls from the Scottish Government for it to be stopped. (Scotsman page 1)

Ebola: Nicola Sturgeon has commented that it was “likely” Scotland would see a “small number of additional cases” of Ebola, though the NHS is Scotland was “well prepared”. (Scotsman page 10, Herald page 6, Daily Record page 16, P&J page 21, Express page 5, Courier page 13)

A&E units: Staff at Scottish A&E departments are said to “fire-fighting” as overwhelming demand has left patients lying on trolleys. (Herald page 1, Times page 6, P&J page 1, Express page 5, National page 12)

Terminally ill: Official bed-blocking statistics show nearly 100 patients died in hospital instead of being allowed to go home. (Times page 6)

Medical blunders law: Lawyers for the medical profession have warned ministers ahead of proposals to introduce a statutory duty of candour. (Herald page 7)

NHS: Allan Massie in the Scotsman argues that the NHS is in need of reform.

Ageing: Ian Bell in the Herald looks at what the increase in people’s life expectancy, even those with cancer, means for the NHS and government social care policy.

Rape Anonymity: Mark Pritchard MP has called for the law on anonymity for rape cases to reviewed after a case against him was dropped. (Herald page 10, Times page 5, P&J page 18)

Surveillance: Chris Marshall in the Scotsman comments that Scottish surveillance laws are of little effect as national security is reserved.

Women’s prison: Justice Secretary Michael Matheson is reportedly considering whether to go ahead with the original plan for a new maximum security women’s prison. (National page 6)