Reform Scotland Media Summary 29 January 2015


Reform Scotland

Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 29 January 2015
All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.

Fracking: The Scottish Government yesterday announced a moratorium on fracking as “no planning permission will be granted” for fracking schemes to extract underground oil and gas. Ministers respond to environment fears (Scotsman page 1, Times page 1, Sun page 4, The Daily Record page 6, The National page 4, The Herald page 1 and 2, Opinions in the Herald page 16, The Financial Time page 2, The Daily Express page 1 and 2, Ben Borland in the Daily Express page 12, The Daily Telegraph pages 1, Alan Cochrane in the Daily Telegraph page 4, The Press and Journal page 17,The Scottish Daily Mail pages 6 and 7, Murdo Fraser in the Daily Mail page 7, Guardian page 9, Courier page 14, The National page 5 )

Coalition talks: Nicola Sturgeon has commented that she will personal lead the SNP’s negotiating team in any coalition discussions following the general election. (Scotsmanpage 8, Times page 2, Sun page 4, Daily Record page 6, The National page 2, The Herald page 6, The Press and Journal page 12, Guardian page 6, Courier page 15)

SNP: Tom Peterkin in the Scotsman comments that some members of the SNP are unhappy with what they see as a lurch to the left under Nicola Sturgeon.
John Macleod in the Daily Mail comments on SNP political plans.

Labour home rule: Ed Miliband is expected to comment today that Labour will table a “home rule” bill to devolve powers to Scotland in the first 100 days after the general election. (Scotsman page 8, Daily Record page 6, The National page 3, The Herald page 7)

Neil Kinnock: Michael Savage comments on news that Lord Kinnock has called for an end to internal sniping at Ed Miliband.

Nick Clegg: Tim Montgomerie in the Times comments that Nick Clegg has guaranteed a stable and successful coalition government, even though it will cost his party seats at the election. (Page 27)

Liberal Democrates: Nick Clegg has been accused of £300 million ‘ploy’ boost for Inverness before May’s general elections, to save MP Danny Alexander (The Herald page 1 and 6, The Daily Express page 2, The Daily telegraph page 8, The Press and Journal page 12)

Chilcot: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for the publication of the delayed Chilcot inquiry, as “it is time for the truth” (The National page 3, The Herald page 6)

Poll Tax Debt: A bill to write off historic poll tax debt will be introduced in the Scottish Parliament today, as Deputy First Minister and Finance Secretary John Swinney defended the decision to drop the debt (The National page 5, The Press and Journal page 13)

Tourism: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is set to deliver the keynote speech of the Scottish Tourism Week annual conference, reaffirming tourism as one of Scotland’s key economic drivers (The National page 27)

Oil and Gas centre: Education Secretary Angela Constance has welcomed the plans to build a new oil and gas centre at an Aberdeenshire College (The Press and Journal page 4)

Tesco Company: Tesco are closing four stores in Scotland, with more than 300 staff set to lose their jobs. (The Daily Record page 14, the National page 13, The Herald page 14, The Daily Express page 5, The Daily Telegraph Business page 1, The Press and Journal Business page 35)

New oil task force: Leading figures in North Sea oil and gas welcomed the new Scottish Government taskforce set up by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to support jobs in the sector, in order to respond to recent falls in the global price of oil (The National page 2, The Press and Journal Business page 33)

Scottish Water: Water charges for Scottish households are to rise for the third year in a row (The Daily Telegraph page 11)

University: Scottish institutions plan to be the first in country to refund customers who do not graduate, to remain attractive in an increasingly competitive global market (The Herald page 1)

Creationist issue: Campaigners fighting to ensure creationism is not taught in science class have welcomed the decision to refer a petition on the issue to Holyrood’s education committee (The Press and Journal page 18)

TV: TV cameras are to be allowed into Scottish courts to film judges’ sentencing remarks. (Scotsman page 1, John Scott in the Scotsman, Times page 11, The National page 15, The Herald page 4, Opinion in the Herald page 16, The press and Journal page 15, Courier page 17)

Women: A debate in the Scottish Parliament has called for radical reform in how women offenders are treated in the justice system (The National page 11, The Press and Journal page 23)

Smoking: Midwives have warned that plans to pay mothers-to-be to stop smoking is not the solution despite promising results found by Scottish researchers (The Daily Record page 34, The National page 8)