Reform Scotland Media Summary 21 January 2015


Reform Scotland
Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 21 January 2015
All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.

SNP coalition: George Osborne has challenged the right of SNP MPs to hold the balance of power at Westminster following the general election and commented that following devolution of most of income tax, Scottish MPs should have their ability to vote on aspects of future budgets curbed.  (Scotsman page 1, The Herald page 1, The Sun page 4, The National page 4, Daily Record page 9, Daily Telegraph page 1, The Times page 4, Financial Times page 3, Daily Express page 11, Daily Mail page 2)

Trident: Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has accused Labour of reneging on its commitment to renew Trident as it chose to abstain on a motion calling for the system to be scrapped. (Scotsman page 10, George Kerevan in the Scotsman, The Herald page 6, The National page 5, Daily Record page 10, Daily Record page 13, P&J page 15, The Courier page 14)

Civil Service: The SNP has claimed that Sir Nicholas Macpherson abandoned Civil Service impartiality when he spoke out against a currency union. (The Herald page 2, The National page 1, Jenny Hjul comments in the Courier)

Chilcot Inquiry: Sir John Chilcot has announced that his inquiry into the Iraq war will not be released until after the General Election. (The Herald page 6, The National page 5, Daily Record page 6, The Times page 6, The Courier page 19, The Guardian page 1, Daily Mail page 8)

Tax Levels: Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives has said that it is a myth that Scots want to see taxes raised under new powers for Holyrood. (Scotsman page 5, David Bell comments in the Scotsman, The Herald page 6, P&J page 15)

Confucius Institutes: Stuart Picken comments in the Herald on the spread of Confucius Institutes in Scotland and what this means for education policy.

EU Referendum: Vince Cable, Business Secretary, has claimed that the Prime Minister’s plan for an EU referendum is dangerous.  (The National page 7, Daily Express page 1)

Scottish Labour: Scottish Labour has announced a shake up at the top of the party with Blair McDougall becoming director of policy. (The National page 9)

Social Media: Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh comments in The National that while the referendum brought about great debate, some of the personal attacks on women involved in politics were unacceptable.

Home Rule: Jim Murphy comments in the Daily Record that the only way to get rid of David Cameron and the Conservatives is to vote for Labour.

Army Cuts: Sir Nick Harvey, Lib Dem MP, has said that the Ministry of Defence is looking to cut the army to as few as sixty thousand soldiers. (Daily Telegraph page 1)

Green Challenge: Mary Riddell suggests in the Telegraph that in order to see off the threat from the Green Party, Ed Miliband needs to move to the left and vest more power in the people. (The Guardian page 2)

General Election: Alex Massie argues in The Times that the unity of the Nationalist vote will give it an advantage in May’s General Election. (The Times page 21, Rafael Behrcomments in the Guardian)

Ukip: Tim Aker has been removed as the head of policy at Ukip due to a lack of progress on the party’s manifesto. (Financial Times page 2)

V&A: Paul Gilbride argues in the Daily Express that the money spent on the V&A Museum by the SNP shows that the Scottish Government has more money to spend than it is letting on. (Courier page 15)

Stamp Duty: John Swinney will today announce changes to his replacement tax for stamp duty. (Daily Mail page 4)

Oil: Ed Balls has called for a road map for the oil industry in Scotland in order to offset the impact of the fall in the oil price. (Scotsman page 6, The Herald page 8, The Sun page 4, The National page 5, Daily Record page 9, Daily Telegraph page 2, The Times page 5, P&J page 1, P&J page 11, P&J page 12, Courier page 14, Daily Mail page 8)

Poverty: Official research has found that most households in poverty have at least one adult working.  (The Herald page 3, The National page 11, Daily Record page 24)

Drink Drive laws: Pub bosses have claimed that the lower drink drive limit has had a bigger impact on their sales than the smoking ban. (Daily Record page 16)

Local government
Public Services: Scotland’s information commissioner has warned that councils are placing services beyond proper scrutiny by outsourcing them. (The Herald page 4)

Health and Social Care: Edinburgh Council is to seek the views of the Edinburgh public after the first draft of a £500 million proposal to marry health and social care was approved by the council. (The National page 8)

Local Councils: Joan McAlpine argues in the Daily Record that claims that power in Scotland is too centralised are untrue and that power should go beyond local councils and to the people.

Early release: The SNP has introduced plans to scrap early release for those with longer term sentences. (The Herald page 6, Daily Record page 2)

Data Privacy: The former head of Mi6, Sir John Sawers, has called for internet companies to aid the government in sharing data that could prevent terror attacks. (The National page 3, Daily Telegraph page 4, The Times page 7, Daily Express page 2, Courier page 2, Guardian page 7)

Child Abuse: The slow pace in setting up an inquiry into the abuse of children at care homes has angered former residents of Scottish orphanages. (The National page 13)

Police ‘snooping’:
It has been revealed that the Scottish Police intercept up to 20,000 private emails a year. (Daily Express page 2)

Delayed Discharge: £100 million has been pledged by the Scottish Government to ease the problem of delayed discharge. (Scotsman page 11 , Herald page 1, The Sun page 4, The National page 15, Daily Record page 2, Daily Telegraph page 14, The Times page 4, Daily Express page 17, P&J page 14, Courier page 14, Daily Mail page 4)

Assisted Suicide: Plans to legalise assisted suicide have been described as not fit for purpose by Robert Preston, Director of Living and Dying Well. (Scotsman page 12, The National page 5, The Times page 16, Daily Express page 11)

Women Consultants: The president of the Royal College of Surgeons, Ian Ritchie, has claimed that there are too few women consultants in the NHS in Scotland. (The Times page 1)

Health Budget: John Swinney has confirmed that the health budget in Scotland will increase faster than that in England. (Courier page 15)