Reform Scotland Media Summary 12 December 2014


Reform Scotland
Daily Political Newspaper Summary:  12 December 2014

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.

Smith Commission:
Experts have warned Holyrood’s Devolution Committee that the powers devolved to Scotland will not work together effectively, and in particular could result in issues over tax. (Scotsman page 8 , Herald page 1 , Courier page 22 , Times page 14)

Kinloss Move: The RAF search and rescue coordination centre based at Kinloss is to be moved to a single air and sea rescue hub on the south coast of England. (Herald page 7 , Scotsman page 11 , Times page 1 , Telegraph page 4 , Daily Express page  5 , Daily Record page 4 , Sun page 4)

Revenue Scotland: Nicky Harrison, COO of Revenue Scotland, has insisted that they are prepared to handle responsibility for a number of devolved taxes come  April 1st, following criticism from Audit Scotland. (Scotsman page 12 , Herald page 6 , Press & Journal page 11 Courier page 22 , Telegraph page 4 , Daily Express page 2 , Daily Record page 10)

Alex Salmond: Alex Salmond has said he is not worried by suggestions that an informal alliance between the pro-Union parties could field just one candidate against him in the Gordon constituency for the 2015 General Election. (Herald page 6, Press & Journal page 12)

Political Media Monitoring: Political Parties spent over £50,000 on media monitoring in the run up to the Independence referendum. (Times page 14, Scotsman page 8)

Scottish Labour Leadership: A number of trade unionists have warned they could leave the Scottish Labour Party should Jim Murphy be elected leader. (National page 15)

Andrew Whitaker in the Scotsman discusses Jim Murphy’s plans should he become Scottish Labour Leader.

Child Abuse Inquiry: Campaigners have said an upcoming inquiry into Child Abuse in Scotland could take more than five years and cost more than £100m. (Sun page 2)

Labour MP Gaffe: Scottish Labour MP Frank Doran has been criticised for saying that the post of fisheries minister is not suitable for a woman. (Herald page 3, Scotsman page 9 , Guardian page 4 , Daily Mail page 10 , Press & Journal page 7 & 10 , Courier page 22)

Fuel Poverty: Labour MSP Jackie Baillie has criticised Nicola Sturgeon over figures that show high levels of fuel poverty and a £10m underspend in the budget aimed at tackling this issue. (Daily Record page 10)

CIA Torture: Police Scotland are to request access to confidential reports to investigate claims that the CIA used Scottish airports as stop-over points while transporting suspects to be tortured. (Herald page 10 , Scotsman , National page 2)

MSP Expenses: MSP expense claims have been published yesterday. (Daily Expresspage 2 , Daily Record page 2)

UKIP at Holyrood: Gerry Braiden in the Herald discusses UKIP plans to secure a seat at the next Holyrood elections.

Decentralisation: Joyce MacMillan in the Scotsman discusses the wide-spread desire for an end to top-down centralism.

Labour & the Economy:
Labour Leader Ed Miliband has ruled out increasing borrowing if elected Prime Minister. (Scotsman page 5 , Herald page 6 , Guardian page 19 , Martin Kettle in the Guardian , Daily Mail page 12 , Courier page 22 , Times page 16 , Telegraph page 6 , Financial Times page 3 , National page 12 , Sun page 2)

Investor Uncertainty: A number of economists are raising fears that no political party has made clear how they will cut the UK deficit. (Financial Times page 3)

Scottish Government Bonds: The Treasury has announced that the Scottish Government will be given the power to issue bonds to finance capital projects. (Herald page 6, Scotsman)

North Sea Jobs: Aberdeen-based Wood Group will create 150 jobs and secure an existing 700 in a £500m deal with BP, amid increasing fears for the industry. (Herald page 1 & 26 , Scotsman page 1 & 30 , Press & Journal page 32 , Courier page 29 , Daily Record page 10)

Glasgow Film Studio: 50 high profile figures from the Scottish film industry have signed an open letter to the Scottish Government calling for a national film studio to be based in Glasgow. (Times page 7, Herald page 9 , National page 5)

Armed Police: Former Justice Secretary Kenny McAskill has criticised those whom he says used the debate over armed police to score political points. (Scotsman page 15)

Teacher Numbers: Ruth Davidson has called on Nicola Sturgeon to reverse the decline in teacher numbers. (Herald page 6 , Daily Mail page 21 , Daily Record page 10 , Sun page 2 Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph)

Edinburgh Trams: Lord Hardie, the former judge heading the inquiry into the Edinburgh trams, has criticised key figures for failing to co-operate with his investigation, as costs for the probe sit at £400,000. (Times page 5 , Herald page 5 , National page 7 , Daily Express page 2 , Daily Record page 2 , Sun page 2)

Local Government
Local Government Funding: John Swinney has announced a £10.85bn funding package for Local Authorities in 2015. (Scotsman page 8 , Herald page 6 , Press & Journal page 12 , Courier page 13 , Times page 10 , National page 12 , Sun page 2)