Reform Scotland News: 7 November 2014


Daily Political Newspaper Summary:  7 November 2014

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.


In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.



Ed Miliband’s Leadership: Ed Miliband is reportedly facing calls to resign as Labour leader. (Scotsman page 1 , Herald page 1 , Telegraph page 1&4 , Times page 1 , Financial Times page 3 , Daily Express page 9 , Daily Record page 10 , Sun page 2 , Daily Mail page 1 , Courier page 16 , Press & Journal page 18 , Guardian page 1 , Clive Soley in the Guardian , Joe Haines in the Telegraph.)


Scottish Labour Leadership: A number of powerful trade unions have put their support behind Neil Findlay MSP to be new Scottish Labour Leader. (Times page 10)


Candidate Sarah Boyack MSP has pledged to win back Labour Yes voters in the Daily Record.


Candidate Jim Murphy MP has said Gordon Brown will play a large role if he becomes leader. (Courier page 17)


General Election 2015: A Panelbase poll has shown 45% would support SNP at the 2015 General Election, with 28% supporting Labour. (Herald page 1)


Former SNP Deputy Leader Jim Sillars has said that an SNP defeat of Labour in the 2015 General Election will lead the way to real power, and to ensuring new powers are delivered. (Scotsman page 4 , Herald page 6)


Nicola Sturgeon: Nicola Sturgeon has pledged to be Scotland’s most accessible First Minister. (Times page 10 , Sun page 2 , Courier page 17 , Press & Journal page 20)


Commonwealth Games: The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games were delivered at £25m under budget, it has been announced, with this surplus to be now directed to the NHS. (Scotsman page 1 , Herald page 4 , Daily Express page 2 , Daily Mail page 26 , Courier page 16)


Salmond Effigy: An effigy of Alex Salmond has been destroyed as part of Bonfire night celebrations in Lewes, East Sussex, despite assurances that it would not feature. (Scotsman page 3, Herald page 6 , Daily Mail page 4 , Guardian page 16 , Courier page 15 , Press & Journal page 2 , Joyce McMillan in the Scotsman , Rebecca McQuillan in the Herald , Euan McColm in the Daily Mail (page 5)


RBS Closures: The Royal Bank of Scotland has been criticised by MSPs for looking to close an additional 154 branches. (Scotsman page 9 , Herald page 1)


Independence Referendum: Chief Executive of Virgin Money, Jayne-Anne Gadhia, has said Scotland must leave independence behind and look to make devolution work. (Scotsman page 13)


Yes Scotland’s Dennis Canavan has said plans to share the pound in an independent Scotland hurt the Yes vote. (Herald page 6)


Scott Macnab in the Scotsman discusses priorities in post-referendum Scotland.


Holyrood Lobbyists: Scottish Labour leadership candidate Neil Findlay MSP has criticised the SNP for delaying on plans to limit the power of lobbyists. (Scotsman page 18)



North Sea Oil & Gas: The head of the Oil and Gas Authority, Andy Samuel, has said the sector has a “strong future”. (Scotsman page 4 , Courier page 31 , Press & Journal page 30)


Petrol Prices: UK Ministers have warned petrol companies that reductions in prices must be passed on to consumers. (Scotsman page 6 , Herald page 11 , Guardian page 13 , Courier page 17 , Press & Journal page 20)


Bank Competition: The Competition and Markets Authority is to start an investigation into fair competition in personal banking. (Herald page 14 , Scotsman page 9 , Press & Journal page 32 , Daily Mail page 19 , Martin Flanagan in the Scotsman)


Education Minister: Labour’s Jackie Baillie has criticised Alex Salmond and Education Minister Michael Russell for failures in education provision. (Scotsman page 6 , Herald page 6, Telegraph page 10 , Daily Express page 2 ,  Courier page 16 , Daily Record page 4 , Sun page 2 ,  Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph)


Social Housing Overcrowding: Nearly 1 in 4 children living in social housing are in overcrowded conditions, according to Census 2011 data. (Herald page 4, Courier page 25)


Health Inequality: An expert group is to look at health inequality in Scotland for Holyrood. (Herald page 8)


Private Treatment: MSPs have been warned that patients will be forced to look for private treatment because of the ‘neglect’ of the NHS. (Times page 1)



Foreign Nationals & Crime: Almost 9% of police incidents now involve people born outside the UK. (Herald page 1 , Courier page 11)


Child Protection: Alex Salmond has pledged to address problems in child protection. (Herald page 5)