Reform Scotland News: 14 November 2014


Daily Political Newspaper Summary:  14 November 2014

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.


In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.


SNP Conference: Alex Salmond will use his final conference speech as party leader to say that Scotland is still on the road to independence. (Scotsman page 1 , Telegraph page 1, Times page 1)


The SNP is to allow ‘Yes’ campaign activists to be fast-tracked to become party candidates for the 2015 General Election. (Herald page 1 , Guardian page 21)


Alex Salmond: Alex Salmond had his final First Minister’s Questions at Holyrood yesterday. Labour and Conservatives have both criticised Mr Salmond’s record in office. (Herald page 6 , Scotsman page 7 , Telegraph page 4 , Times page 11 , Daily Record page 8 , Sun page 2 , Daily Mail page 1 , Press & Journal page 12 , Courier page 16)


Alex Salmond in the Daily Record says that Scotland cannot continue as a wealthy country for the few; and in the Press & Journal (page 13) discusses his time as First Minister.


Alison Rowat in the Herald looks ahead to First Minister’s Questions without Alex Salmond.


Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph criticises Alex Salmond’s record as SNP leader.


Martin Kettle in the Guardian discusses the SNP without Alex Salmond as leader.


Nicola Stugeon: Nicola Sturgeon has discussed her plans as SNP leader and First Minister. (Courier page 18)


SNP & General Election: Alex Salmond has said the SNP would favour a Labour minority government in Westminster next year, as he predicts that the SNP could win 25 seats. (Financial Times page 1 , Daily Mail page 8 , Telegraph page 4)


Salmond Effigy: The burning of an effigy of Alex Salmond as part of Bonfire Night celebrations in the East Sussex town of Lewes has been cleared of being unlawful. (Times page 11 , Sun page 9 , Daily Mail page 8 , Press & Journal page 11 , Courier page 14)


EU Relations: Former Prime Minister John Major has warned that a UK exit from the EU is likely unless there are reforms. (Scotsman page 5 , Financial Times page 2 , Daily Express page 1 , Daily Mail page 10 , Guardian page 14)


Scottish Labour Leadership: Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey has said that choosing Jim Murphy as Scottish Labour leader would mark the end for the party. (Scotsman page 8 , Herald page 2 , Telegraph page 4 , Times page 8 , Daily Express page 5 , Daily Record page 2 , Sun page 2)


Andrew Whitaker in the Scotsman discusses the Scottish Labour leadership contest as an opportunity for re-evaluation.


Ed Miliband: In a speech being described as a ‘relaunch’, Ed Miliband has said he will stand strong against infighting about his leadership of the Labour Party. (Scotsman page 8 , Herald page 2 , Telegraph page 6 , Jim Pickard in the Financial Times page 2 , Daily Express page 5 , Sun page 2 , Daily Mail page 10 , Press & Journal page 14 , Courier page 20)


Joyce McMillan in the Scotsman says Ed Miliband has much to be positive about.


Tax Avoidance: Labour have said they will be tough on those who avoid tax, if successful in next year’s General Election. (Daily Record page 2 , Sun page 2 , Guardian page 4)


Smith Commission: Lord Smith, head of the Smith Commission into further Scottish Devolution, has said that all involved in the discussions show commitment to reaching agreement. (Herald page 6)



Oil Price: The price of oil has reached a four-year low, with possible implications for productivity in the North Sea. (Herald page 1 , Guardian page 41 , Press & Journal page 32)


SNP Energy Policy: Alex Salmond has told MSPs that the Scottish Government is ready to investigate new energy technologies, including non-green energy technologies. (Times page 11)


Funding Cuts: The Procurators Fiscal Society has said that a real-terms cut of £1.1m to the Crown Office’s overall budget is putting the criminal justice system at risk. (Scotsman page 16 , Herald page 8)


Lawyer Numbers: Figures released by the Law Society show Scotland has a record number of solicitors, with over 11,000 now practising. (Scotsman page 21 , Herald page 1)


Police Numbers: East Renfrewshire Council has become the latest Council to suggest they will end funding for school-based police officers. (Herald page 11)



Named Persons: Human Rights Lawyer Alistair Clark, QC, has said that Scottish Government plans to have a named person responsible for the wellbeing of each child in Scotland do not breach human rights. (Scotsman page 10 , Herald page 7)


ECT Treatment: New figures from a report by NHS Information Services show that the number of people receiving Electroconvulsive treatment, often used to treat mental health problems, has risen, with 33 percent receiving this forcibly. (Scotsman page 16 , Courier page 2)


Data Breaches: NHS staff in Scotland are breaching data protection laws hundreds of times a year, an investigation by privacy campaign group Big Brother has shown. (Herald page 1)


Cancer Plan: Macmillan Cancer Care have called on the Scottish Government to put in place a long-term plan to deal with increasing Cancer rates. (Daily Express page 4)



Scotrail Franchise: Head of National Express Mary Grant has written to Scottish Ministers to criticise the awarding of the new Scotrail franchise to the Dutch company Abellio. (Sun page 10)