Reform Scotland News: 15 October 2014


Daily Political Newspaper Summary:  15 October 2014

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.


In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.



Help to buy: The Scottish Government has ended mortgage help for properties between £250,000 and £400,000.  The scheme will now only target properties up to a value of £250,000. (Scotsman page 1, Herald page 3)


Constitutional debate: A six-hour debate on further devolution was held at Westminster yesterday. (Record page 1, Sun page 2, Express page 17, Guardian page 10, Courier page 18)


English votes for English laws: Labour has said that it will boycott a body set up by the UK Government to look into whether Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs should be stopped from voting on matters exclusively affecting England. (Scotsman page 1, Record page 8, Sun page 2, Herald page 1 and page 6, FT page 2, Times page 1, Mail page 1, P&J page 12).


Keith Brown: Scottish Government ministers Roseanna Cunningham and Margaret Burgess have announced that they are backing Keith Brown’s bid to be the SNP deputy leader. (Scotsman page 8)


Labour and Ukip: Allan Massie in the Scotsman considers what impact Ukip may have on Labour votes in Scotland.


Edinburgh University researchers claim voters think Ukip ‘best represented the interests of England’. (Herald page 3)

Mary Riddell in The Telegraph comments that Ed Miliband must show ‘less fear’ in order to remain Labour leader.


Rafael Behr in the Guardian comments on the ‘division’ in the Labour party over leadership question.


Ian Bell in the Herald comments on the future of Labour in Scotland and UK after referendum results


The Guardian reports on new data showing that Ukip may win in at least 30 constituencies in next general election. (Guardian page 4)


Conservatives & Ukip: Alice Thompson in the Times considers Ukip’s strategy of targeting Conservative voters. (Times page 29)


TV debates: SNP’s Angus Robertson has spoken out about the party’s exclusion from proposed general election leader’s debates, calling the situation ‘unacceptable’. (Herald page 6)


Referendum: Alex Salmond has raised the possibility of a second referendum if the three main UK parties “betray” Scotland on the issue of further devolution (Herald page 6, Telegraph page 5, Times page 1, Mail page 5)


Nicola Sturgeon: Magnus Linklater in The Times comments that Nicola Sturgeon will need ‘diplomacy’ to succeed if her position as SNP leader is confirmed. (Times, page 11)


Europe: Scotland’s external affairs minister Fiona Hyslop has said that Scotland must have a bigger voice in Europe after devolution plans are finalised. (Times page 23)



Interest rates: The Bank of England is expected to hold off raising interest rates until well into 2015 as inflation has fallen to 1.2%. (Scotsman page 13, Alan Mackie in the Scotsman, Express page 2)


Electricity bills:  Experts have claimed that energy bills will double by 2030, with reliance on wind power reportedly to blame. (Express page 1)


House prices: Scottish house prices dropped for the first time in a year prior to the independence referendum, falling by 0.2 per cent in August. (Telegraph page 8, P&J page 19, Courier page 1)


Inheritance tax: David Cameron has announced plans to raise the inheritance tax threshold before the next election (Telegraph page 1, Times page 2, Mail page 2, Guardian page 15)



Ebola: There is reported confusion over regulations surrounding new Ebola checks at Heathrow airport. (Sun page 8, Herald page 5, Express page 7, Telegraph page 6, Times page 8, Mail page 10, Guardian page 7, Courier page 23)


Bill Howatson: NHS Grampian chairman Bill Howatson has resigned amid a staff shortage crisis. (Herald page 2, Express page 21, Times page 12, P&J page 1)


Poverty: The Campaign to End Child Poverty has claimed that more than a quarter of Scottish children are now growing up in poverty. (Herald page 2, Courier page 13)



Justice safeguards: After the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill is passed by Holyrood, a group of experts lead by former High Court Judge Lord Bonomy has called for safeguards to be introduced to Scots Law. (Herald page 1)


Local government

Potholes: Councils spent £220 million fixing potholes in 2013/14, up from £163 million in 2007/8 according to figures released under Freedom of Information. (Scotsman page 17, Express page 10, Mail page 12, P&J page 13, Courier page )


Kerry Gill in the Express comments on the importance of improving Scotland’s roads. (Express page 12)