Reform Scotland News: 10 October 2014


Daily Political Newspaper Summary:  10 October 2014

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.



Budget – Stamp Duty: Scottish Finance Secretary John Swinney has announced changes to stamp duty in Scotland as part of his budget for the 2015-16 financial year. (Herald page 1 , Guardian page 16 , Scotsman page 1, Daily Mail page 1, The Courier page 14 , Press & Journal page 1 , Daily Telegraph page 1 , Times page 1 , Financial Times page 1 , Daily Express page 5 , Daily Record page 8 , Magnus Gardham in the Herald (page 6) , David Bell in the Scotsman (page 5) , Michael Luck in the Daily Mail (page 5) , Kieran Andrews in the Courier (page 15) , Angela Haig in the Courier (page 15) , Hugh McKay in the Courier (page 15) , Allister Heath in the Daily Telegraph , Alan Cochrane in the Daily Telegraph , Peter Jones in the Times (page 9) , Kate Allen in the Financial Times (page 3) , David Clegg in the Daily Record (page 8) , Richard Street in the Press & Journal (page 13))


Budget – Borrowing: The Scottish Government will borrow £304 million in 2015-16. (Daily Telegraph page 7)


Budget – NHS: NHS spending is to reach more than £12 billion in 2015-16. (Scotsman page 4 , Sun page 2 , Press & Journal page 12)


Budget – Infrastructure and Housing: £4.5 billion is to be invested in infrastructure; there will be an additional £330 million capital investment in Schools; £140 million is to be invested in two new college campuses in Fife and the Forth Valley; and £390 is to be invested in delivering 6000 homes. (Scotsman page 4 , Herald page 6 , Press & Journal page 13)


Budget – Youth Employment: £16.6 million is to be spent on expanding apprenticeship opportunities in the budget for 2015-16. (Sun page 2 , Scotsman page 4 , Herald page 6)


Budget – John Swinney: Scottish Finance Secretary John Swinney has pledged to ‘protect and invest in our public services’ in the Daily Record.


By-Election: UKIP has gained its first elected MP at a by-election in the English seat of Clacton. (BBC News)


UKIP targeted Conservative voters in their campaign for this seat. (Daily Telegraph page 1 , Times page 8 , Sun page 2)


John McTernan in the Scotsman discusses the significance of the by-election vote.


Scottish Cabinet: Andrew Whitaker in the Scotsman discusses how a Scottish Cabinet headed by Nicola Sturgeon might look.


Referendum: Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has been interviewed by police over allegations concerning postal votes prior to the official count. (Herald page 1 , Courier page 16 , Daily Record page 2)


MSP Expenses: The latest MSP expenses details have been made available. (Herald page 7 , Scotsman page 16 , Daily Mail page 18 , Courier page 16 , Times page 18 , Daily Express page 8 , Daily Record page 6 , Press & Journal page 14)


Devolution: SNP MP Pete Wishart has called for David Cameron to lead the Westminster debate on further devolution to Scotland. (Herald page 7)


Lord Smith has pledged to stop any attempts to break the agreement for further devolution to Scotland. (Sun page 8)


Alison Rowat in the Herald discusses the Liberal Democrats and interpretations of the referendum result.


Joyce McMillan in the Scotsman discusses the time constraints on the Smith Commission.


Green Party Membership: Green Party Membership has tripled since the referendum. (Herald page 2 , Press & Journal page 14)


City Deals: Gerry Braiden in the Herald discusses issues between the Councils involved in the Glasgow City Region City Deal



Ebola: Conservative MP Rory Stewart has raised the suggestion that screening for Ebola should be extended beyond Heathrow, Gatwick, and Eurostar terminals. (Herald page 1 . Guardian page 1 , Scotsman page 1 , Daily Mail page 1 , Courier page 13 , Press & Journal page 11)


Defibrillators: Chief Inspector of the Fire and Rescue Service Steven Torie has said firefighters should be sent to help ambulance crews in certain scenarios. (Herald page 4 , Scotsman page 9


Diabetes: Scientists believe a huge step has been made towards treatment of Type 1 diabetes. (Herald page 3 , Scotsman page 17 , Daily Mail page 21 , Press & Journal page 19)


Electronic Cigarettes: Electronic Cigarettes will be allowed to appear in television adverts from next month. (Herald page 11 , Guardian page 18 , Scotsman page 19 , Daily Mail page 8 , Courier page 20 , Press & Journal page 14)



Borders Line: Work on the new borders train line has begun. (Herald page 8 , Scotsman page 11 , Courier page 21 , Press & Journal page 18)


A9 Speed Cameras: Average speed cameras will be in use on the A9 between Inverness and Dunblane from later this month. (Herald page 2 , Scotsman page 13 , Daily Mail page 8 , Courier page 9)


Scotrail Franchise: Scottish Labour Leader Johann Lamont has said that the new contract for Scotrail is more expensive and will result in the use of old trains. (Scotsman page 11)



Eurozone: Chancellor George Osborne has warned that the UK could be affected by a dip in economic forecasts for the Eurozone. (Herald page 4 , Guardian page 22 , Daily Mail page 2)


North Sea Oil and Gas: Investment in North Sea Oil and Gas has fallen in the last year. (Times page 8 , Daily Record page 2 , Press & Journal page 31)


Child Costs: The cost of feeding a child is higher in Scotland than in London, though the overall cost of raising a child in Scotland is lower than the UK average, according to the Halifax Cost of Children research. (Herald page12 , Scotsman page 20)


Tax breaks: A call for tax breaks to be given to artists has been backed by Creative Scotland. (Herald page 3)


North American Tourists: The number of visitors to Scotland from North America has risen by a third. (Herald page 11 , Scotsman page 14 , Daily Mail page 28 , The Courier page 2 , Press & Journal page 30)



Asylum Seekers: The first scholarship in Scotland to help asylum seekers to attend University is to be founded by Strathclyde University. (Herald page 4)



Death Penalty: Scottish Minister for External Affairs and International Development Humza Yousaf MSP in the Herald has called for Scotland to encourage the abolition of the death penalty across the world.