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Daily Political Newspaper Summary:  16 September 2014

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.


In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.



David Cameron: The Prime Minister made a speech in favour of the Union in Aberdeen, while the three leaders yesterday pledged to deliver more powers to Scotland in the event of a No vote. (Herald page 1, Scotsman page 4, FT page 1, Telegraph page 1, Times page 6, Sun page 4, Express page 1, Record page 1, Guardian page 1, Ben Thomson in the Guardian, Patrick Wintour in the Guardian, Mail page 1, Courier page 14, P&J page 1)


Alex Salmond: The First Minister met business leaders at an event at Edinburgh airport yesterday. (Herald page 7, Scotsman page 6, FT page 3, Courier page 14, P&J page 13)


Independence and journalists: The National Union of Journalists released a statement yesterday that was critical of the treatment of journalists during the independence campaign. (Herald page 5, Express page 5)


Independence and borrowing costs: The Boss of insurance company Aviva has claimed that the cost of borrowing to fund public spending could rise in the event of independence. (Herald page 5)


Independence and Green energy: Bloomberg has argued that independence may result in a reduction in investment in green energy. (Times page 5)


Opinion Polls: The director of ICM has stated that he believes that many opinion polls could be inaccurate, with the final margin of victory being much larger than predicted. (Herald page 6)


Defence: John Reid has been critical of Alex Salmond’s perceived treatment of the defence and shipbuilding industries. (Herald page 6 )


Both the Yes and No campaigns argued that defence would be best served by their desired outcome yesterday. (Scotsman page 1, Telegraph page 5, Sun page 15)


Angus Robertson, the SNP’s defence spokesman, has suggested that it out be in the UK government’s interest to give Scotland its reported £7bn share of defence assets, regardless of the outcome of negotiations in other areas such as the National Debt. (Herald page 7)


North Sea Oil: Sir Ian Wood has commented in the Telegraph on the dispute on the total value of North Sea oil, arguing that many projections have been designed to ‘manipulate voting sentiment.’ (Telegraph page 7)


The Herald: The Herald has backed a No vote.


Dundee United: Dundee United Chairman Stephen Thompson has backed independence. (Courier page 1)


Independence debate: Tom Devine has claimed the UK is a ‘failed state’ and laid out his predictions for the future of Scottish politics in the event of a Yes vote. (Herald page 5)


The former finance minister of Poland has urged thousands of Eastern Europeans to vote against independence. (Herald page 5)


The Policy institute Chatham House has argued a narrow No vote in the referendum will not secure the future of the Union. (Telegraph page 4)


Colette Douglas Home in the Herald comments that in her opinion individuals keeping silent over their stance in the run up to the referendum will allow for a faster healing process following the result.


David Leask in the Herald comments that international concerns of the risks a Yes vote poses could force institutions to be more conciliatory with Scotland during negotiations.


Harry Reid in the Herald comments on his transition from a No vote to a Yes one.


Hugh Reilly in the Herald comments on the unbalanced nature of the Union and why he believes this should be the catalyst for the public to vote Yes.


Gideon Rachman in the FT comments on his belief that this would be a particularly difficult moment for Scotland to become independent.


Janan Ganesh comments on the fragility of the union, regardless of the result in the referendum.


Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph comments on Alex Salmond’s tactics in the referendum campaign


Alastair Campbell in the Telegraph comments on the role of patriotism in the referendum campaign

Kenyon Wright in the Daily Record comments on his belief that Scottish voters should vote Yes.


Polly Toynbee in the Guardian comments on the impact devolution could have in England.


Brian Wilson in the Daily Record comments on the protest at BBC Scotland’s headquarters on Sunday.


Rachel Sylvester in the Times comments on David Cameron’s strategy in the referendum campaign.


Leo Lewis in the Times comments on the Chinese view of Scottish independence.



Independence and Fiscal policy: Peter Jones in the Scotsman comments on his opinion that Scotland would have to undertake further austerity in the event of a Yes vote.


The National Institute of Economic and Social Research has released a paper which alleges that a policy of Sterlingisation combined with a repudiation of debt would result in an increased risk of an independent Scotland requiring to impose austerity. (FT page 2)


Business referendum pressure: Sir Peter Housden, the permanent secretary of the Scottish government, alleged put pressure on businesses that were perceived as pro-union not to comment on the referendum campaign. (Telegraph page 1)


Housing: The property firm Zoopla has laid out its predictions for the future path of house prices in event of a Yes vote. (Herald page 7, Scotsman page 6, Express page 3, Mail page 9)



UK Growth: The OECD has reduced its estimate for UK GDP growth this year from 3.2% to 3.1%. (Herald page 2, Scotsman page 7, Times page 20)


Household Debt: The Bank of England has indicated it may take a tougher stance against the build up of household debt in its future monetary operations. (FT page 4)



NHS: A report compiled by NHS finance directors has suggested that NHS managers in Scotland will have to make up to £450m worth of savings in the next two years. (Herald page 1, Telegraph page 8, Mail page 8)




Independence and Research funding: Dr Richard Weller of Edinburgh University has argued that independence would have a negative impact on university funding. (Telegraph page 4)


QS World university rankings: There are three Scottish universities in the top 100 of the latest university international rankings with Edinburgh the highest on the list at 17th. (Herald page 10, Telegraph page 2, Times page 17)

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