Reform Scotland News: 3 September 2014


Daily Political Newspaper Summary:  3 September 2014

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.


In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.



Nato: A former Nato ambassador has commented that an independent Scotland would be welcomed into the military alliance regardless of whether Scotland kept Trident or not. (Scotsman page 1)


STV debate: Comment and analysis of last night’s STV panel debate between Nicola Sturgeon, Patrick Harvie and Elaine C Smith for ‘Yes’ and Douglas Alexander, Kezia Dugdale and Ruth Davidson for ‘No’. (Scotsman page 9, Herald page 7)


Jim Murphy: Jim Murphy returned to his100 towns in 100 days tour in Edinburgh yesterday. (Scotsman page 8, Herald page 6, Times page 7, Record page 12, Telegraph page 7, Mail page 9, P&J page 14, Courier page 17)


Currency: Olli Rehn, the former European Commissioner for Economic & Monetary Affairs, has warned that the absence of a central bank in Scotland could stop an independent Scotland joining the EU. (Scotsman page 8, Herald page 7, Times page 8, Sun page 9, Express page 4, Telegraph page 4, Mail page 8, Guardian page 12, P&J page 12, Courier page 16)


Referendum: The ‘No’ campaign has reportedly expressed doubts for the first time about whether it can win the referendum following a YouGov poll showing a 53/47 split. (Herald page 1, Alice Thomson in the Times, Sun page 8, Dan Snow in the Sun, Torcuil Crichton in the Record, Kerry Gill in the Express, Telegraph page 1, Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph, John Curtice in the Telegraph, FT page 1, John McDermott in the FT, Mail page 1, George Monbiot in the Guardian, P&J page 15, Courier page 14)


FAQ: Sir Tom Hunter, who has commented that he is yet to make up his mind, has published a booklet outlining frequently asked questions about the referendum. (Herald page 6, Sir Tom Hunter in the Record)


Former Scottish Secretaries: Lord Lang of Monkton, Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Lord Forsyth have said in a joint statement that the value and emotional appeal of the Union was more compelling that the “mirage of independence”. (Telegraph page 6)


Consequences of referendum: A YouGov poll has shown 50% of people think Scotland will be left divided in the event of a Yes vote, increasing to 54% in the event of a No vote. (Times page 6)


Lloyds: Lloyds Banking Group has reportedly finalised plans to move its registered office to London in the event of a yes vote. (Express page 5)


Armed forces: George Kerevan in the Scotsman suggests that security in an independent Scotland is likely to be “the big scare in the last days of a close referendum fight”.


English opinion: Ian Bell in the Herald comments on English views of the referendum.

Terror laws: Alex Salmond has commented that he was not consulted on new laws to counter terror suspects. (Herald page 8, Record page 6)



Contingency plans: The Treasury has reportedly admitted that it is readying a team to respond to market turmoil in the event of Scottish independence. (Times page 1)



College merger: Students at Glasgow Kelvin College have described their first week at the newly merged college as a “shambles” after being unable to enrol for courses and lecturers not turning up. (Herald page 9)

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