Reform Scotland News: 2 September 2014

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online atBBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.



Anti-terror laws: David Cameron unveiled new powers to seize passports at UK borders of Britons suspected of travelling abroad to fight with terror groups. The Prime Minister also laid out other proposals aimed at combating potential jihadist attacks in Britain. (Scotsman page 1, Times page 1, Rachel Sylvester in the Times, Record page 2, Telegraph page 1, Express page 1, Ross Clark in the Express, FT page 2, Courier page 23, P&J page 17, Mail page 2)

BBC strike: The National Union of Journalists has voted to stage industrial action at the BBC over plans to cut hundreds of jobs in the news and world service departments. (Scotsman page 6)

Independence Debate: The latest YouGov independence poll put support for independence at 47%, up 8 points in a month. (Times page 1, Magnus Linklater in the Times, Sun page 1)

Alistair Darling spoke in favour of the Union at Beacon Arts Centre in Greenock yesterday. (Scotsmanpage 8, Herald page 7, Times page 8, Telegraph page 6, Express page 8, Courier page 16, P&J page 12, Mail page 13)

Alex Salmond spoke in favour of independence as he began a week of campaigning events in Dundee yesterday. (Scotsman page 9, Record page 9, Courier page 14)

The pro-independence Yes LGBT launched its ‘rainbow paper’ outlining how they believe independence will deliver greater equality in Scotland. (Scotsman page 10, P&J page 17)

Jim Murphy has resumed his pro-union ‘100 streets in 100 days’ tour after he postponed it on police advice last week. (Scotsman page 10, Times page 6, Telegraph page 6)

Peter Jones in the Scotsman comments on the increasingly fraught nature of the Independence debate.

Scottish Shadow Secretary Margaret Curran will speak on employment and independence in Glasgow today. (Herald page 7, Courier page 17)

Gordon Brown has offered his opinion of the potential consequences if Scotland did not accept a share of the UK national debt. (Herald page 7, Express page 8, P&J page 13, Mail page 12)

SNP MSP Michael Russell has commented on his belief that independence will have a positive effect on rural communities. (Herald page 7, Courier page 16)

Rory Stewart, the new Conservative Chairman of the House of Commons Defence Committee has suggested that Scottish independence has created more uncertainty and complexity in international politics. (Herald page 6)

Harry Reid in the Herald comments on the difference in interest between the referendum and other elections of the past.

David Leask in the Herald comments on what can be learned from the approach taken between states in the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph comments his belief that BBC Scotland’s coverage of the referendum has been poor.

Independence and pensions: Doug Marr in the Herald comments on the importance of pensions in the referendum debate.

North Sea Oil: Alex Kemp, director of Aberdeen Centre for Research in Energy Economics and Finance has offered new projections about the future of North Sea oil and gas. (Herald page 7)

Voter registration: Research by the Herald suggests that across 25 of the most deprived wards in Scotland, the number of voters aged 18 or over has fallen by more than 5,000 since December 2012. (Herald page 1)

Rotherham child abuse: David Maddox in the Scotsman comments on how the events in Rotherham might affect the Labour party. 


IT in the highlands: IT firm Fujitsu is to launch a four month trial of the high performance computing network in the Highlands, linking a hub in the north with clusters around the world to vastly improve computing speeds. (Scotsman page 15, Herald page 11)

Director remuneration: Research by the TUC has suggested that 3 in 5 of the UK’s top directors are receiving high value cash payments instead of pension contributions. (Herald page 10)

Scottish manufacturing: The latest quarterly outlook by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, suggests 5% of Scottish firms reported increased output last quarter, the third worst performing region in the UK. The figure for the UK as a whole was 10%. (Mail page 12)


NHS and obesity: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has awarded a two-year contract to provide weight management services to Weight Watchers following a tendering process. (Herald page 5, Telegraph page 1)