Reform Scotland News: 10 September 2014


Daily Political Newspaper Summary:  10 September 2014

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.


In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.



UK political leaders: David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg are all due to be in Scotland today with an emotional appeal for Scots to remain in the Union as well as promising more powers.  (Scotsman page 1, Sun page 4, Andrew Nicoll in the Sun, Record page 4, Michael Settle in the Herald , FT page 2, Telegraph page 1, Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph, Mail page 1, David Cameron in the Mail, Guardian page 1, Patrick Wintour in the Guardian, P&J page 11, Courier page 14)


Flag over Downing Street: A Saltire is being flown over Downing Street in the run up to the referendum.  However, it initially fell down when being hoisted up yesterday. (Sun page 1, Times page 6, Herald page 6, FT page 2, Telegraph page 1)

Currency: Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, yesterday commented that “a currency union is incompatible with sovereignty”, citing the refusal of the unionist parties to agree to a currency union as making it impossible to create the right conditions. (Scotsman page 6, Sun page 4, Sir Andrew Large in the Sun, Times page 8, Record page 8, Herald page 7, Express page 5, Mail page 6, Alex Brummer in the Mail, Courier page 18)


Debt: When asked about an independent Scotland refusing to take a share of debt, Alex Salmond reportedly commented “what are they going to do – invade?”.  (Telegraph page 2)


The Queen: A spokesman from Buckingham Palace yesterday insisted that the Queen would be remaining neutral during the referendum debate and any suggestion she would want to influence the outcome was wrong. (Scotsman page 7, Times page 1, Record page 11, Express page 5, FT page 3, Telegraph page 3, P&J page 15)


Gordon Brown: Gordon Brown yesterday defended the position of the NHS in a devolved Scotland. (Record page 2, Herald page 5, Express page 1, Kerry Gill in the Express, FT page 3, Telegraph page 2, Mary Riddell in the Telegraph, Mail page 9, Courier page 17)


More powers: The leaders of the Scottish unionist parties yesterday held a joint event where they argued that a ‘no’ vote would lead to more powers for Holyrood. (Record page 5, George Kerevan in the Scotsman, Lindsay McIntosh in the Times, Joan McAlpine in the Record, Herald page 1, Ian Bell in the Herald, Martine Sime in the Herald, Mail page 4, P&J page 11, Courier page 15)


Comment on the referendum: John Colquhoun in the Scotsman, John Major in the Times, Alice Thomson in the Times, John Kay in the FT, Ruth Dudley Edwards in the Telegraph, Emma Cowing in the Mail, Rafael Behr in the Guardian and George Monbiot in the Guardian comment on the referendum debate.


‘Bedroom tax’: Angus Council are reportedly helping tenants seal up spare rooms to avoid the ‘bedroom tax’ because the council doesn’t have enough one-bed flats to meet demand. (Sun page 2, Mail page 1)


Icelandic: SNP MP Angus MacNeil reportedly spent £2,376 on Icelandic lessons through the House of Commons language tuition. (Record paged 4)



Investment: Asset managers, investors and pension savers are reportedly moving millions of pounds out of Scotland amid concerns about a ‘yes’ vote.  ‘Exit clauses’ are also reportedly being inserted into commercial property contracts to allow buyers to scrap deals or re-negotiate prices in the event of independence. (FT page 1, Telegraph page 4)



Arming the police: Chris Marshall in the Scotsman comments on the arming of the police.


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