A week in Scottish politics: 4th – 10th July 2014


Reform Scotland’s round-up of comment and analysis pieces we have referred to in media summaries between 4th and 10th of July which are freely available online.


Thursday 10th  July

Referendum comment:

Iain Macwhirter in the Herald comments on the progress of the independence debate.


Dr Philppa Whitfold in the Daily Record said that ‘in five years, England will not have an NHS and in ten years, if we vote no, neither will we.’


Kerry Gill in the Daily Express comments on Scottish independence.


Keith Aitken in the daily Express comments ‘So here’s the story of about dodgy donations. Both sides are at it. ’


Sir Micheal Atiyah in the Times announces that he will be voting Yes in the upcoming referendum. ‘Yes vote will free us from nuclear reliance’ (page 23


Martin Kettle in the Guardian argues that the problems facing Scotland are essentially the same problems facing most developed liberal democratic economies in Europe which will only be addressed by democratic reforms across national borders, not behind them


Sexism: Tanya Gold in the Guardian comments on Harriet Harman’s speech on sexism within politics.


Wednesday 9th July

Child abuse: Simon Jenkins in the Guardian comments on the public inquiry into the handling of historic allegations of child abuse.


Common Weal: George Kerevan in the Scotsman comments on the Common Weal movement.


No vote: Adam Tomkins in the Scotsman outlines what he thinks could happen in the event of a no vote.


Scaremongering: Ian Bell in the Herald comments on Alistair Darling suggesting that a vote for independence could have worse consequences for Scotland than the 2008 crisis.


Independence: Philippa Whitford in the Herald outlines why she believes a yes vote is the best way to protect the NHS in Scotland.


Tuesday 8th July


Child abuse investigation: Eileen Fairweather in the Telegraph, David Mellor in the Guardian, Colette Douglas Home in the Herald all comment on news that Home Secretary Theresa May has announced an independent inquiry into the way historic allegations of sexual abuse of children were handled by public bodies, as well as a separate inquiry into the Home Office’s own investigation of how the government handled allegations of abuse in the 1980s and how it lost 114 submitted papers.


New unionism: Peter Jones in the Scotsman comments on Gordon Brown’s vision of the Union as an enabler and facilitator for Scots.


NHS funding: David Maddox in the Scotsman comments that the NHS accounts for over 18p out of every £1 of tax in the UK.   


Monday 7th July


David Torrance comments in the Herald on how the SNP are highly sensitive about Scottish sovereignty in a UK context, but strangely relaxed about it at the EU level.


Gerry Braiden comments in the Herald on the involvement of security and intelligence services in the independence debate.


Lesley Riddoch comments in the Scotsman on whether or not coming out in favour of supporting the No campaign can help you get things such as funding applications approved.


Ageing population: Kezia Dugdale comments in the Daily Record on how the NHS in Scotland needs to plan ahead for a future nation of centenarians.


Prestwick airport: Brian Monteith comments in the Scotsman on how throwing money at Prestwick airport will probably end badly.


Sunday 6th July

Independence debate: Neal Ascherson comments in the Sunday Herald on how, regardless of the result of September’s referendum, we are already independent today.


Allan Massie comments in Scotland on Sunday that Scots should read Walter Scott’s debut novel Waverley in the run up to the referendum, as the underlying themes are important and still relevant today.