Reform Scotland News: 24 June 2014


Daily Political Newspaper Summary:  24 June 2014
All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.  In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at 
BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News

European Commission President:
 David Cameron has called for the heads of government to vote for the future president of the European Commission in an attempt to stop Jean-Claude Junker taking the position. (Scotsman 
page 1, Sun page 2, Times page 4, Telegraph page 4, Herald page 6, FT page 1, Guardian page 9)
Celebrity endorsements: Hollywood actor Elijah Wood told Scots to “go for it” when asked about Scottish independence. (Scotsman page 4, Herald 
page 3)
Daniel Radcliffe has commented that he likes the UK the way it is, though could see why some people might want independence. (Sun page 2, Mail page 6)
Stanley Baxter has commented that he is opposed to independence. (Scotsman page 8, Sun page 2, Times page 1, Telegraph page 13, Express 
page 2, Record page 9, Courier page 16, P&J page 12)
Second-class: SNP councillor Bill Duff has reportedly commented on social media that Scots who vote ‘No’ in the referendum are “second-class”. (Express page 2)
Independence & business: 
Peter Jones in the Scotsman comments that a yes vote could make Scotland uncertain for major employers.
Better together: Alistair Darling in the Courier comments on why he believes that Scotland is better staying in the Union.
‘Obligation’ to vote for independence: Alex Massie in the Times comments on Nicola Sturgeon’s claim that Scots have an “obligation” to vote for independence.
TV debate: 
Colette Douglas Home in the Herald comments on the proposed TV debate between Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond.
English devolution: George Osborne has commented that Northern English cities could be offered “serious devolution of powers and budgets” along with a new high-speed rail link between Manchester and Leeds. (Scotsman 
page 12, Herald page 4, FT page 3, Courier page 16)
: Shipyard workers are reportedly calling for a meeting with Alex Salmond to discuss the industry’s future amid concerns that jobs could be lost in the event of a yes vote. (Scotsman 
page 8, Times page 2, Telegraph page 9, Record page 8, Mail page 6, Courier page 17)
Planning laws: New planning guidance due to be unveiled today is expected to say that there should be a “presumption” in favour of new developments as a part of a drive to boost economic growth and house building in Scotland. (Scotsman 
page 10)
John McTernan in the FT comments that business needs to make the case for capitalism.
Local government
Local income tax: Families with two earners reportedly face an increase of £550 under the SNP’s proposals to replace council tax with local income tax. (Telegraph page 1)
EducationUniversities: A study by researchers at Edinburgh University has found that senior university staff in Scotland believe that the Scottish Government has “centralising tendencies”.  (Herald 
page 1)