Reform Scotland News: 10 June 2014


Daily Political Newspaper Summary:  10 June 2014
All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.
In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at 
BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News

Independence referendum 100 days: A number of events took place across Scotland yesterday to mark 100 days until the referendum. Nicola Sturgeon staged a women-only Scottish Cabinet event; Gordon Brown called on David Cameron to debate Alex Salmond; Better Together unveiled a new ”No Thanks” slogan; and Yes Scotland revealed that more than 780,000 people had signed up to their independence declaration. (Scotsman page 1David Maddox in the Scotsman, Sun page 10, Times page 1, Herald page 1Harry Reid in the Herald, Murray Pittock in the Herald, Record page 6, Express page 2, Telegraph page 1, Mail page 7, P&J page 12, Courier page 15)
Gordon Brown: The former Prime Minister has commented that the UK could lose Scotland “by mistake” and questioned the tactics used by the Better Together campaign. (Times page 13, 
Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph, FT page 1, Mail page 1, Guardian page 8Gordon Brown in the Guardian, P&J page 14)
Oil & gas workers: According to a survey by, 64 percent of oil and gas voters will vote yes in the referendum. (Scotsman 
page 5)
President Obama: It has been claimed that President Obama commented that he wanted to see the UK remain “strong, robust and united” after being asked to do so by David Cameron.  (Scotsman 
page 6)
Alex Salmond: Alex Salmond has reportedly commented that even if the independence referendum was lost he would stay on as First Minister to contest the 2016 Scottish elections. (Record 
page 1)
Passports: There is a reported backlog of passport applications and warnings of a “crisis” due to staff shortages and a late surge in forms at the Passport Office. (Express page 1, Mail page 12)
Wealth & independence: 
Peter Jones in the Scotsman comments that the referendum will be decided on whether people think they will be richer or poorer under independence.
Borrowing: Nick Clegg has commented that the Lib Dems would commit to “significantly” reducing the national debt as a percentage of GDP every year from 2018/19 and only borrow to boost growth. Mr Clegg also reportedly commented that he would consider standing down if it would improve the Lib Dems electoral prospects. (Scotsman page 10, Times page 4, Hugo Rifkind in the Times) 

Poverty: According to research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, one in seven working age adults and children could still be living in poverty by the mid 2020s. (Sun page 2, Herald page 7, Record page 2, P&J page 12)
Relations with licensed trade
: Relations between the police and the licensed trade are reportedly at breaking point over allegations that some officers are exceeding their powers and lack understanding of liquor laws. (Herald 
page 3)

State guardians:
 Doctors and campaigners have claimed that giving every child in Scotland a state guardian is likely to affect childhood development and could have “significant adverse consequences” for later life. (Time page 5, Mail page 8) 

Charitable status: The Scottish Council of Independent Schools has described a campaign aimed at stripping private schools of charitable status as “retrograde and ill informed”. (Herald page 5)
Local government
: A “serious allegation” that babies and adults were cremated together at Hazlehead crematorium in Aberdeen is being investigated. (Times page 1, Herald 
page 2, Mail page 20, P&J page 1, Courier page 2)
 Researchers at London School of Economics and Political Science have published research suggesting that the lifetime cost of caring for a person with autism is around £1.31m. (Scotsman 
page 14, Telegraph page 6)
Ambulances: Ambulances across Europe are reportedly changing colour to yellow because the EU believes that the colour of ambulances should be harmonised.  However, they will remain white in Scotland. (Times page 11)
Carstairs: State hospital Carstairs is reportedly closing one of its wards in an attempt to tackle unsustainable overspending. (Scotsman 
page 19)