A week in Scottish politics: 20th – 26th June 2014


Reform Scotland’s round-up of comment and analysis pieces we have referred to in media summaries between 13 and 19 June which are freely available online.


Thursday 26th June

Hacking trial: , Iain Macwhirter in the Herald, Peter Oborne in the Telegraph, John Gapper in the FT,and David Blunkett in the Guardian comment on Andy Coulson being found guilty of plotting to hack phones. 

Fiscal Commission: Bill Jamieson in the Scotsman comments on the appointment of the First Minister’s special economic advisers to the new Fiscal Commission.

Right to buy: Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph comments on MSPs voting to end the “right to buy” policy with regard to council houses.

Wednesday 25th June

Phone-hacking scandal: Daniel Finkelstein in the Times and Patrick Wintour in the Guardian comment on the phone-hacking trial, and the implications for the Prime Minister.

Tuesday 24th June

Independence & business: Peter Jones in the Scotsman comments that a yes vote could make Scotland uncertain for major employers.

TV debate: Colette Douglas Home in the Herald comments on the proposed TV debate between Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond.

Capitalism: John McTernan in the FT comments that business needs to make the case for capitalism.

Monday 23rd June

Independence debate:

David Torrance comments in the Herald on the Monarchy, and the significance of the Bannockburn anniversary celebrations for the independence debate.

In the Scotsman, Lesley Riddoch comments on the BBC’s new political show Crossfire.

Tom Peterkin comments in Scotland on Sunday on the ramped-up advertising campaigns of both sides in the final run-up to the referendum.

Vernon Bogdanor comments in the Guardian that unless there is a No vote, Scotland will become a “fax democracy”, reduced to the status of a lobbyist.

Kezia Dugdale comments in the Daily Record on Alex Salmond’s appeal to the youth of Scotland.

Ed Miliband: Tim Shipman and Francesca Angelini comment in the Sunday Times on Ed Miliband’s performance as Labour leader.

Republic of Scotland:

Brian Monteith comments in the Scotsman that the talk of a People’s Republic of Scotland may lose Yes votes.

Colin Fox comments in Scotland on Sunday that there would be no place for the monarchy in an independent Scotland.

Friday 20th June

Nordic model: Joyce McMillan in the Scotsman investigates the high-tax, high spend, high-equality Nordic fiscal model after a report placed Denmark the happiest nation in Europe and asks if an independent Scotland could move towards a similar model.

English attitudes: Alison Rowat in the Herald discusses attitudes in England towards Scotland and possible independence, as well as attitudes in Scotland towards the English. 

Ireland: Gerry Braiden in the Herald warns against comparisons with Ireland in the referendum debate, stating that ‘Independent Ireland isn’t a case study on the potential complexion of an Independent Scotland’

Start-up costs: Alex Cochrane in the Herald discusses Alex Salmond’s response to accusations that he is drawing up a report on start-up costs for an independent Scotland.

Equal rights: Kirsty MacAlpine in the Herald discusses independence as an opportunity to ensure equal rights for all citizens, specifically in relation to the draft constitution’s mention of equal rights for LGBT individuals.