A week in Scottish politics: 23rd to 29th May 2014


A week in Scottish politics:  23rd to 29th May 2014

Reform Scotland’s round-up of comment and analysis pieces we have referred to in media summaries between 23 and 29 May which are freely available online.


Thursday 29 May

Nick Clegg: Steve Richards in the Guardian comments on Lord Oakeshott’s resignation from the Lib Dems.

Independence & UK dividends: John McLaren in the Scotsman, Bill Jamieson in the Scotsman and Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph comment on the differing financial figures from the two camps in the referendum.  Alex Salmond said yesterday that every Scot could be in line for a £1,000-per-year “independence bonus” in 15 years time.  This was in contrast to Westminster claims that every Scot is better off by £1,400 per year by being part of the UK.

Racial prejudice: Allison Pearson in the Telegraph comments on research by the NatCen British social attitudes survey that one in three people in the UK admit to being racially prejudice.

Norway: Ian MacWhirter in the Herald outlines what an independent Scotland could learn from Norway as the referendum approaches.

Ukip: Catherine MacLeod in the Herald comments on Ukip’s results in the European elections in Scotland.

Wednesday 28th May

UKIP: Ian Bell in the Herald comments that Tony Blair’s condemnation of UKIP is a more stately response than those by current party leaders.

Allister Heath in the Telegraph comments on the rise of the anti-political views within the UK.

TSB: Terry Murden in the Scotsman and Sharlene Goff in the FT comment on the selling of a 25 percent stake in TSB next month.


Tuesday 27th May

European elections: John Curtice in the Scotsman, Michael Settle in the Herald, Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph, Robert Ford & Ian Warren in the Telegraph, Paul Goodman in the Telegraph and Owen Jones in the Guardian Coverage and analysis of the European election results. 


Monday 26th May

Bank holiday – no media summary


Friday 23rd May

Elderly Care: Lyndsay Buckland in the Scotsman discusses recent improvements recommended by Healthcare Initiative Scotland in improving standards for the frail elderly.

Education: Doug Marr in the Herald discusses the skills shortage, particularly in the oil and gas sector and calls for closer links between higher education and industry as well a change in attitudes and perceptions.

Referendum Debate : Joyce McMillan in the Scotsman discusses the positive messages that the Better Together campaign has focused in this week but maintains the need for a ‘radical re-think’ in order to counter the ‘thoughtful and positive grassroots activism’ of the Yes Campaign.

European Elections: Kevin McKenna in the Herald discusses Scottish attitudes to immigration and its impact socially and economically with reference to the significance of the issue in European Election campaigns.

Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph discusses the open letter, signed by leading academics, on the impact of independence on university funding.