A week in Scottish politics: 28 March to 3 April 2014


Reform Scotland’s round-up of comment and analysis pieces we have referred to in media summaries between 28 March and 3 April which are freely available online.

Thursday 3 April


Iain MacWhirter comments in the Herald that the No camp is far from united when it comes to talking about Scotland’s future, and that, if it were not for a sympathetic press, the Better Together campaign would be in big trouble.

Bill Jamieson comments in the Scotsman that the independence battle was always going to be a feisty one, but that it has been getting continually nastier and it is time for both sides to take a breath. He argues that recent events, such as the TV encounter between Johann Lamont and Nicola Sturgeon, and business leaders being shouted at by the SNP, cross the line between fair rebuttal and menacing nastiness, and will not only hamper the whole debate, but create an appalling impression of our country to those outside Scotland.

Prestwick Airport: in the Herald, Helen McArdle comments on the campaign to rename Prestwick Airport in honour of Robert Burns, and how Chief Executive Mark Rodwell has dismayed fans of the poet by saying that such a name would confuse travellers as the area is not instantly connectable with Burns.

Wednesday 2 April

Security: Ian Bell comments on report by Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies.

Currency: Anton Muscatelli in the FT argues that a currency union following Scottish independence would be best for all of the UK.

Tuesday 1 April

Currency union: Jim Sillars in the Herald argues that Westminster must create a sensible ‘Plan B option’, after ruling out a currency union in the event that Scotland becomes independent.

Positive campaign: Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph accuses Alex Salmond of “offering the most negative policy of all”.

Oil estimates: Peter Jones in the Scotsman argues that the figures estimates North Sea oil reserves need to be challenged.

Monday 31 March

Devolution: Brian Monteith writing in The Scotsman argues that compared to the proposals outlined by the SNP and Labour, the Conservative’s plans to cut tax could make devolution plus more appealing.

Alan Cochrane in The Daily Telegraph writes that the difficult few days for the pro-Union campaign may be the vital wake up call the campaign needs and argues that Alistair Darling should not be replaced, but should be put in sole charge of the entire operation. 

Lesley Riddoch in The Scotsman considers the top-down approach of the Better Together campaign, suggesting that it is out of touch with grass roots opinion.

Independence debate: David Torrance in The Herald comments that the fate of Scotland will not rest on size, but also on luck.

Friday 28 March

Independence Referendum: Alan Cochrane comments in the Telegraph that Charles Kennedy, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, is the right man to keep Scotland as part of the UK.