Reform Scotland News: 20 August 2013


Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 20 August 2013
All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.  In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at
BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News

Henry McLeish:
Former First Minister Henry McLeish has commented that Scotland could end up voting ‘yes’ in next year’s referendum rather than remaining part of a “divided Britain” consumed by “greed and inequality”. (Scotsman
page 1, Henry McLeish in the Scotsman)
Ed Miliband: According to an ICM poll, one in three Labour voters does not think Ed Miliband should lead the Labour Party into the next general election. (Herald page 6,
Harry Reid in the Herald, Peter Jones, Record page 2)
Former Labour welfare minister Frank Field has commented that Labour has a “policy vacuum” and has failed to find a “clear message” on welfare, the economy and immigration. (Telegraph
page 6)
Coastguard: The Public and Commercial Services Union has claimed that lives are being put at risk as manning levels in coastguards stations have fallen. (Herald
page 1, P&J page 2)
Yes Scotland hacking: The police are reportedly looking into claims that Yes Scotland campaigners have had their emails hacked. (Sun page 2, Telegraph
page 1)
Coalition: Graham Brady MP, the chairman of the Tories’ 1922 committee, has reportedly commented that David Cameron would need to give MPs and party members a veto on any further coalition after the next election. (Sun page 2, Ross Clark in the Express)
Oil job
s: John Swinney has acknowledged that the Scottish government wrongly claimed that the oil and gas industry would provide 34,000 jobs in Scotland over the next couple of years.  The figure actually referred to jobs created across the whole of the UK. (Scotsman
page 5, Record page 4, Mail page 6, P&J page 12, Courier page 16)
Pay gap: According to the Chartered Management Institute’s annual gender salary survey for 2013, the pay gap between men and woman has widened with bonus payouts for male managers more than double their female counterparts. (Scotsman page 12, FT page 2, Mail page 7, Guardian
page 1)
David Lonsdale in the Herald comments that the Scottish government’s budget next month offers an opportunity to help deliver sustainable growth.
Adults in Scotland reportedly drink more alcohol than people in England according to an NHS report which suggested that the equivalent of 10.9 litres of pure alcohol was sold per adult in Scotland and 9.21 litres in England. However, the figures also showed a decline in the Scottish figures. (Scotsman
page 1, Herald page 6, Times page 1, Mail page 17)

University students:
Statistics from UCAS have shown that 15.3 per cent of students from England who applied to a Scottish university gained a place in 2012, compared to 11.8 per cent in 2011. (Scotsman
page 1)