Reform Scotland News: 13 August 2013


All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at 
BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News


David McLetchie: Former Scottish Conservatives leader and Lothian MSP David McLetchie has died aged 61 after losing his battle with cancer. Members of Holyrood and Westminster have paid tribute. (Herald page 1, Scotsman page 1, Daily Express page 14, Daily Record page 8, Sun page 13, Times page 1, Magnus Linklater in Times, Daily Telegraph page 5, Daily Mail page 18, Press and Journal page 20, Courier page 18)
Independence Referendum: According to an award winning American statistician, Nate Silver, the yes campaign has little chance of winning the 2014 referendum. Mr Silver has stated that only a major crisis south of the border could swing the referendum in the Yes campaign’s favour. (Scotsman 
page 1, Times page 20)
Gibraltar: The UK has threatened Spain with legal action over the continuing imposition of additional checks at its border with Gibraltar, as Royal Navy personnel are sailing towards Gibraltar on a training exercise. (Herald 
page 2, Scotsman page 9, Guardian page 4, Daily Mail page 12, Press and Journal page 11, Courier page 24)
Zero hour contracts: Union leaders have called on government ministers to scrap zero-hour contracts, after a YouGov survey found that more than half of the public supported a ban. (Herald 
page 6)
Crowd funding: Readers of a Scottish political blog, Wings over Scotland, have crowd funded their own referendum opinion poll. The poll found that the gap between Yes and No voters is narrower than previously thought, with 36% No, 34% Yes, and 30% undecided. (
Joan McAlpine in the daily Record)
Wind farms: Alex Salmond’s wind farm plans have come under fire, after it was revealed that energy companies were paid £1.84 million not to produce energy on a single day, amid claims that there are already too many turbines producing too much energy. (Daily Telegraph 
page 1)
Fracking: Campaigners have warned Alex Salmond that Scotland will not meet its climate change targets if it supports David Cameron’s call for fracking to be used to meet energy demands. (Scotsman page 12)
Drug smuggling: A Scottish woman and an Irish woman have been arrested in Peru on suspicion of drug smuggling, having allegedly been found with cocaine worth £1.5 million in their possession. They were arrested attempting to board a flight to Spain. Both women had been working and living in Ibiza prior to travelling to Peru. (Herald 
page 5, Daily Express page 3, Daily Record page 7, Sun page 1, Guardian page 13, Daily Mail page 5)


Housing market: The Scottish Housing Market is predicted to be on its way to recovery, with rising prices and increasing demand predicted to continue over the next year. (Herald page 1, Scotsman page 2, Daily Express page 2, Times page 2) 

Welfare fund:
 The Scottish Welfare Fund has so far only given out around half of the funds available. More than 20,000 have benefited from the fund with £3.5 million given. (Herald page 10, Scotsman page 2, Sun page 2, Daily record page 2, Press and Journal page 17)
Charities: Charities have warned politicians that ordinary Scots are still under economic pressure from recession, despite suggestions that the economy is recovering. (Daily Record page 2)


Lung disease: A new treatment has been unveiled by NHS Scotland for people with a potentially fatal lung disease. The Scottish Medicines Consortium has approved the use of prifenidone to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. (Herald page 5)