Reform Scotland News: 16 July 2013


All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.


In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News



Independent Scotland: An independent Scotland would be able to keep the pound and achieve an AAA credit rating, Alex Salmond is expected to suggest in a speech today. (Herald page 6, Scotsman page 1, Daily Mail page 10, Press and Journal page 14)


Gay marriage: Following the passing of legislation allowing same-sex marriage at Westminster, gay marriage campaigners have vowed to press for same-sex marriage in Scotland (Herald page 3)


Benefits: Church leaders have warned that the new benefits caps will affect 10,000 Scottish children (Herald page 6, Scotsman page 1, Courier page 16)


Ashes: A report has stated that the ashes of 40 infants may have been scattered without their parents consent in Aberdeen. (Herald page 9, Scotsman page 10, Times page 17, Daily Mail page 19, Daily Express page 10 Press and Journal page 1)


UK defence: The UK minster for international security strategy has warned that an independent Scotland would damage the security of Scotland and the UK. (Scotsman page 4)


Better together: Members of the Better Together campaign have reportedly stated their anger after Coalition members suggested that the independence debate had already been won by pro-unionists (The Times page 1)


Trident: The defence secretary has warned that downgrading Trident would be reckless after calls from the Liberal Democrats to downsize. (Scotsman page 5, Financial Times page 2, Press and Journal page 13)



Quangos: There have been questions about democratic accountability and transparency following Riverside Inverclyde regeneration agency’s failure to meet its targets. (Herald page 4)



Jobs crisis: Many posts for senior trainee doctors in Scotland were left unfilled this summer, raising fears about a recruitment crisis. (Herald page 1)


A&E Report: Opposition politicians are calling for a report by the College of Emergency Medicine in Scotland for the Scottish government, which warned Scottish ministers that most A&E departments in the country were unsafe, to be published. (Herald page 2, Daily Record page 8, Daily Mail page 13, Magnus Gardham in Herald)


Care pathway: The end of life care regime, Liverpool Care Pathway system, is to be scrapped by the NHS, and reviewed by the Scottish government, after criticisms of the system. (Herald page 5, Scotsman page 19, Telegraph page 1, Guardian page 9)



School meals: Scottish Greens have claimed that the majority of Scotland’s city councils import their chicken for school meals from Thailand and Holland (Herald page 8, Scotsman page 2, Daily Express page 15, The Times page 9, Daily Mail page 6, Courier page 11, Press and Journal page 12 )