Reform Scotland News: 18 June 2013


Reform Scotland

Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 18 June 2013

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined. In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.


Hearts: Hearts Football Club is reportedly going into administration with debts of £25 million and the future of the club in doubt. (Scotsman Page 1, Record Page 52, Telegraph Page 16, Times Page 1, Mail Page 7) Henry Snedden, vice chairmen of the Federation of Hearts Supporters Club has claimed that this news was disappointing but remains hopeful that the club will survive. (Herald Page 7)

Nigel Farage: Farage has reportedly claimed that Scottish independence would lead to a bankrupt Scotland and has stated that David Cameron has accepted that the Conservatives are finished in Scotland. (Herald Page 1)

Independence: Yes Scotland has reportedly been put under pressure by the pro-union Better Together campaign to publish the results of polling research claiming support for independence is rising among women, 16-24 year-olds and parents with young children. (Herald Page 6)

Scottish Islands: Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles councils are reportedly looking at different systems of governance which could see greater powers devolved to the Islands regardless of the outcome of the referendum. (Herald Page 8, Scotsman Page 18, Telegraph Page 8, Express Page 15, Times Page 2)

European Union: Ramon Tremosa, a Catalan MEP, has claimed that suggestions that Spain might try to block an independent Scotland’s membership of the EU in an attempt to discourage the Catalan and Basque’s independence ambitions is wishful thinking and would not be successful. (Scotsman Page 17) Peter Jones from the Scotsman, however, has claimed that no correct answer to the issue of Scotland’s membership in the EU is certain until the vote is cast.

Newborns: A charity, New Life, has stated their plans to supply new mothers with boxes for their babies to sleep in, containing sleep suits, vests nappies and toiletries, in an attempt to cut down the cost of looking after newborns. The scheme has reportedly been credited to dramatically reduce infant mortality rates in Finland. (Herald Page 2)

Same-sex Marriage: Labour MSP Elaine Smith has reportedly claimed that she has been personally attacked after declaring she will vote against legislation allowing same-sex marriage in Scotland. She appealed for an open debate as the Scottish Government prepared to bring forward the bill next week. (Herald Page 4)


Flexible working: MSPs are reportedly calling on the government to provide better childcare and more flexible jobs, as they believe women are still being unfairly treated as a result of employment rights. Holyrood’s Equal Opportunities Committee claims that a statutory right to childcare, guaranteed access to more flexible and part-time jobs and other measures are needed. (Herald Page 6, Scotsman Page 7, Record Page 4)


Hospital ward: A hospital ward in Glasgow has reportedly been closed due to an abnormally high rate of the potentially fatal respiratory bug Group A streptococcal. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde stated that the patients had mild symptoms and were responding well to treatment. (Herald Page 5, Scotsman Page 15)

Infections: Scientists from the University of Edinburgh have found that using drugs to treat an infection could allow other co-existing conditions to worsen. (Herald Page 8)

DNA Lab: Dundee University has opened a New Generation laboratory to investigate the mysteries of diseases such as diabetes and cancer. The actor Brian Cox, opened the lab and provided a blood sample to have his own DNA mapped. (Scotsman Page 15)


Glasgow Caledonian University: Glasgow Caledonian University has confirmed that the new president elect of Iran, Dr Hassan Rouhani, attended the institution. (Herald Page 5)