Reform Scotland News: 16 April 2013


Reform Scotland

Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 16 April 2013

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined. In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News



Holyrood Debate on Margaret Thatcher: Margo MacDonald, the Independent MSP, claims “it would be pretty silly” not to discuss Thatcher’s legacy in Holyrood on the day of her funeral. Former presiding officer Alex Ferguson and former Scottish secretary Lord Forsyth warn discussing it on Wednesday could damage Holyrood’s reputation. Alison McInnes, Scottish Lib Dem business manager, believes that political hostilities should be abandoned on the day of the funeral, the Daily Record reports. She reportedly supports the Conservatives’ claim that the debate in Holyrood over Thatcher’s legacy should be abandoned tomorrow. (Scotsman Page 6, Herald Page 6, Telegraph Page 5, Record Page 13)

Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral: Big Ben will fall silently to mark Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. The last time this happened was to honour Winston Churchill. It is reported that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown approved every detail of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral years ago. Both former prime ministers will attend the funeral. (Herald Page 6 Telegraph Page 1, Record Page 8, Sun Page 6)

Benefit Claimant Drop: The Department for Work and Pensions have claimed that Glasgow has seen the biggest fall in the number of benefit claimants across Britain since 2010. (Herald Page 2

Universal Services: Alex Salmond, in a speech to trade unionists today, will reportedly defend universal entitlements. (Herald Page 3, Telegraph Page 1)

Better Together: Better Together, the pro-UK campaign has been warned that their decision to accept a donation from the head of oil trading company Vitol will alienate the majority of their supporters. (Herald Page 5, Record Page 13)

Petrol stations: Experts have warned that Scotland is vulnerable to a fuel crisis after nearly 100 petrol stations have closed down in just 3 years. (Sun Page 10)

Trident Protester Arrests: 29 women and 15 men were arrested yesterday after demonstrating outside Faslane naval base. (Scotsman Page 10, Herald Page 7, Times Page 22, Record Page 22)



Scottish Finances: Sir John Elvidge, former permanent secretary of the Scottish government has suggested a new independent body along the lines of the UK’s Office for Budget Responsibility should be formed to scrutinise the country’s finances. (Scotsman Page 8)

Petrol Price War: Four leading supermarkets have dropped the price of petrol within hours of one another. Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco are now competing over low prices. (Scotsman Page 13, Herald Page 3)

Job Applicants Lack Skills: It is reported that Business leaders have raised concerns over potential job candidates, as they feel they have poor literacy and numeracy standards and lack some of the general skills needed for employment. (Scotsman Page 1)

Independence Debate: The Scottish Council for Development and Industry has released three reports on how to restore the country’s economy. Both sides of the independence debate have been urged to focus on the major long-term economic challenges facing Scotland. (Scotsman Page 19)

New Currency: The Jimmy Reid Foundation has reportedly claimed that the SNP should develop a new currency for Scotland as the UK economy has been badly run over the past 40 years. (Herald Page 1)


Police Campaign: Scottish Police have launched a new campaign against speeding and other motoring offences in an attempt to make the roads safer. (Scotsman Page 15)

Donald Trump: One of Scotland’s top legal experts has been hired by Donald Trump to lead his court case next month against the Scottish Government’s decision to grant the go-ahead to the offshore wind farm which is to be built off the coast of his Aberdeenshire golf resort. (Scotsman Page 12, Herald Page 8)