Bad spell for school leavers – Sun




Thousands of Scots school leavers can’t spell and add up, damning new research reveals.

The shock findings show a “significant” number of pupils finish their secondary education lacking “even the most basic skills”. 

It claims kids from poorer areas are more disadvantaged than when they started. And the rot starts early, with one in six S1 pupils classed as “functionally illiterate”, according to the study for think tank Reform Scotland. 

Study chairman Keir Bloomer said: “There may have been a time when our education system was among the best in the world, but that is not true now.”

His expert team called for radical measures to reverse the “shameful” trend, such as longer school days, higher wages for teachers and educating kids in deprived areas from birth. 

But Education Minister Mike Russell insisted: “Scottish education is good and getting better.”