Reform Scotland

Nursery provision in Scotland is unequal, fragmented and inaccessible say Children in Scotland

In response to the Reform Scotland report An Equal Start: fair access to nursery provision, published today (Thursday 24 January), Sarah Burton, Policy Development Manager with Children in Scotland, said:
“ The Reform Scotland report highlights existing inequalities and a current fragmented approach to early childhood education and care. It also reveals the lack of a distinct comprehensive national picture about the realities for access for some children.
“The Children and Young People Bill, scheduled to go through parliament this year, should signal a step change in how early childhood education and care is delivered and provides an important opportunity to address such inequalities“
Children in Scotland Chief Executive Jackie Brock added:
“We fully support Reform Scotland’s call for fair and equal access to nursery provision for all children in Scotland, and urge the Scottish Government to pay heed that ‘two years should mean two years’.”
The Reform Scotland report highlights inconsistencies in subsidised childcare allowances dependent on when a child’s birthday falls, revealing a child can receive as little as 15 months of the 24 month allowance if their birthday falls in the latter half of the year.