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Responses reinforce mixed picture for Scottish education

Commission on School Reform releases survey data 
Responses reinforce mixed picture for Scottish education
The Commission on School Reform , set up by Reform Scotland and the Centre for Scottish Public Policy, has released the responses to its online survey of opinion on Scottish Education. The responses will be used along with oral and written submissions received to help formulate the Commission’s final report due for publication in the New Year.
In its Commission on School Reform Bulletin, released today (Friday), the Commission presents summary responses to the survey which show:
o   61 per cent said that they did not think the Scottish school education system was sufficiently ambitious for both its pupils and Scotland
o   63 per cent thought their school education was geared towards them passing exams
o   49 per cent said they did not feel they were given enough support and advice to help with the transition from school
o   59 per cent said they did not think young people had sufficient say in relation to their education
o   62 per cent said that they understood the Curriculum for Excellence and how it would change school education
o   While 74 per cent felt that the Scottish school education system helped them reach their potential, 36 per cent said that system only helped more academically able children to reach their potential
The full tables are available below.
Commenting, Reform Scotland’s Research Director Alison Payne said:

“In its interim report in October, the Commission made clear that it saw scope for significant improvement in Scottish education, whilst stating that the system was functioning well in most areas. Put simply, the system was good, but could be much better.
“Although the respondents were self-selecting, the survey evidence reinforces that interim view, and poses some fascinating questions in the run up to the release of the Commission’s final report in the New Year.”