Reform Scotland News: 25 October 2012


Reform Scotland

Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 25 October 2012

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News


Salmond in “liar” row: David Cameron yesterday said the SNP case for independence “falls apart” when closely inspected. This follows the knowledge that the SNP government have not sought legal advice on EU membership. (The Scotsman page 1, Bill Jamieson in the Scotsman, Michael Kelly in the Scotsman, Ian MacWhirter in the Herald, The Daily Record page 10, David Clegg in the Daily Record, The Sun page 2, Bill Leckie in the Sun, The Financial Times page 1, The Daily Express page 2, Kerry Gill in the Daily Express, The Daily Telegraph page 1, Alan Cochrane in the Daily Telegraph, The Times page 12, Melanie Reid in The Times, The Press and Journal page 14, The Courier page 15)

Spain say Scotland will “join the queue”: Spain’s foreign minster has said that if Scotland does become independent it will “join the queue” of countries waiting for EU membership. (The Scotsman page 4, The Herald page 6)

Unilateral nuclear disarmament: A Westminster committee has suggested that Scottish independence could mean unilateral nuclear disarmament for the UK, with the construction of facilities elsewhere in the UK perhaps taking upwards of 20 years. (The Scotsman page 4, The Herald page 6, The Daily Record page 11, The Sun page 2, The Daily Express page 2, The Daily Telegraph page 18, The Times page 13, The Press and Journal page 15, The Courier page 15)

Equal pay bill: A legal ruling by the UK Supreme court on equal pays means that potentially thousands of new claimants can come forward, under the new six year laws. (The Herald page 2, The Daily Express page 30, The Daily Telegraph page 4, The Times page 27)

Benefit problems: Ian Duncan Smith is expected to talk today about the link between benefits and social breakdown, saying that the current welfare system is “promoting destructive behaviour”. (The Daily Telegraph page 1)


End to double-dip recession: An end to the double-dip recession is expected to be declared today, after a predicted rise in GDP. However, economists have warned that progress will be slow. (The Scotsman page 5, The Herald, The Financial Times page 1, The Daily Express page 2, The Daily Telegraph page 1, The Times page 1)

SNP & businesses: Scott MacNab in the Scotsman comments on a supposed lack of faith among business leaders for the SNP government.


Climate issues require increased budget: A study by WWF Scotland has suggested that spending would have to be increased by up to ten times in order to meet the SNP’s current climate change and fuel poverty targets. The report estimated that £4.6 billion of investment into improving energy efficiency would be required to meet targets of a reduction in emissions, and £6.3 billion would be needed to eradicate fuel poverty. (The Scotsman page 18)

Insolvency figures drop: The number of Scots going bankrupt has fallen by a quarter in comparison to this time last year. However, experts warn that the rise of pay-day loans may mean people are amounting unsustainable debts. (The Scotsman page 19, The Daily Express page 10, The Press and Journal page 25)

Austerity: Gavin McCrone in the Scotsman discusses ever-increasing austerity is really the best path 


University funding under spotlight: A report published today by The Russell Group calls for a re-think on the way universities are funded, or perhaps risk being overtaken by big-spending international competitors. The Report includes a suggestion to scrap the current cap of £9,000 tuition fees a year. (The Scotsman page 10, The Herald page 9)


Prisoner voting: The Scottish Government has reiterated its stance against giving prisoners the vote. This comes as the UK approaches its deadline later this month for responding to the European Court of Human Rights ruling that a blanket-ban on disallowing all prisoners the vote is illegal under European law. (The Herald page 9, The Daily Express page 25, The Daily Telegraph page 4, The Times page 6)


SPA Appointments underway: The first 12 appointed members of the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) have been named, including senior prosecutors, criminal justice experts and police watchdogs. They have all been appointed for a four-year term. (The Herald page 6)


NHS budget pressures: Despite breaking even last year, the NHS continues to face pressure to balance its books, which means finding further savings of more than £270 million. Three boards have already been forced to take out Government loans worth millions of pounds. (The Scotsman page 20, The Herald page 1, The Times page 6, The Press and Journal page 8)

Hospitals in need of £1 billion repairs: Scottish hospitals are apparently in need of £1 billion in repairs in order to meet safety standards. Audit Scotland has commented that the need for NHS boards to break even each year has led to a short-term focus on spending, leading to maintenance being neglected. (The Daily Express page 4)


Speed-limit reductions: The Scottish government will go ahead with plans to reduce speed limits on many “A” roads across Scotland in an attempt to reduce crashes. Ministers hope to bring in the new limits by the end of the year. (The Scotsman page 1)